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Get Into It With Singer SilverFinger Singh

Singer SilverFinger Singh is an Artist, Musician & DJ and is known to present on BBC Radio for my local station in Leeds & nationally for BBC Asian Network providing the sound of Asian Fusion. His shows are ‘The Mixtape @ BBC Radio Leeds’ & The Takeover @ BBC Asian Network’!

He has interviewed Artists & Musicians from around the world, including Humble The Poet, Apache Indian, Big Boi Deep,  Ali Kulture, Dee MC (DesiHipHop), Roach Killa, Tracy De Sa, Sean’ Nuttso’ Cole (2Pac & The Outlawz), Muzzle, NseeB, ndy Sagu,  Herbie Sahara, MCSolomon, Ishani, Harris Hameed, Jamzy,  Aidan M, Gugz Bhogal, Nesdi Jones, Usman Raja,  Hijack Hood, Deelite MC, J-Roudh & PARAM, YXNG SXNGH, Happy Singh, Rob C, Metz n Trix, BYRO, Shahin Badar, JKila, Blitzkrieg and Many More!

As part of BBC Music Day 2019, SilverFinger Singh & DJ  Limelight teamed together to create broadcast history,  bringing Bradford and beyond the finest Asian Fusion sounds from West Yorkshire on a live BBC broadcast on ‘Bradford  1xtra’ alongside Kofi Smiles, Seani B, Sir Spyro, DJ Kenny Allstar & Faisal Motin.  This was the first-ever pop-up 24hr radio station on FM and  DAB and helped get SilverFinger Singh recognition for his craft. The ‘SilverFinger Singh x DJ Limelight’ 1 hour Yorkshire  Fusion mix was also broadcasted on BBC Asian Network &  BBC 1xtra in 2019.

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Interview with SilverFinger Singh

1.) What inspired you to get into music?

I was born into a musical family, so it’s literally in my Punjabi blood. My Father, ‘ Inder GoldFinger’ (Fun-Da-Mental / Transglobal Underground / Ian Brown / Winachi), showed me how to express myself through Music and the Arts from a young age. We spent a lot of time studying Tabla Rhythms & Harmonium at the Gurdwara in Leeds, and it’s from there my love for music began. 
2.) How did you get into singing? Who motivated you?
Getting into singing came from reciting devotional songs at the Gurdwara; by being involved with my Sangat we would all ensure we got involved in our weekly Kirtan. At my home is where I would hear the ‘urban’ sound from Vinyl, Cassettes, and CDs; hearing my Father rapping on his songs is how I learned wordplay and flow.
I was hugely inspired by Groundbreaking homegrown Groups and Artists such as Fun-Da-Mental, Apache Indian, Hustlers Convention – Who all spoke about their experiences & shared their stories about their dual identities as British Indians and the challenges they faced.
3.) What are some of your favorite genres and what’s one song that you learned first and holds a place in your heart?
Growing up in my household, you would hear so many different sounds from traditional Punjabi Folk, Bollywood, Indian Classical Raag & Taals to the modern-day sound of that time – 90’s HipHop, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall, Drum n Bass, Even a bit of Techno House. For me, the one song that takes me back to the early days and holds a massive place in my heart is COUNTRYMAN by Fun-Da-Mental. This song was written about my Grandfather’ Lal Singh’ and their journey from Nurmahal Punjab to Tanzania, Africa, to settling in 1970s England. The lead line in the song ‘Listen to the story of an Asian Man’ opened my eyes to learn more about my Roots & Culture. 
4.) Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
The biggest inspiration in my life are my parents – I’ve observed them go through many obstacles to raise me and our family in the best way possible, they made it so we were never without and taught us the most important life lessons and skills. 
Musically I’ve been inspired by many artists & musicians including Bob Marley & House of Marley, Ian Brown & The Stone Roses, Apache Indian, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, Pharrell & The Neptunes, Panjabi MC, RDB.
5.) Are your parents supportive of your music career?
I can 100% confirm they are supportive – especially because we are a musical family. My Mother had 1 main request – which was to ensure that I stayed focused on my education and did well in my exams and get to university and pass my degree. 
I studied Creative Music & Sound Technology @ Leeds Metropolitan University.
6.) How has COVID changed your perspective on life and living? how has this impacted you and your career? 
Over the past few years due to lockdown restrictions as Musicians we have had to change how we work, not being able to perform live on stage in front of an audience was tough but thankfully I and the team was able to still do performances over Livestream which was great – it ensured we didn’t lose our touch as we had more time for rehearsals during the lockdown. I feel the way we communicate has changed also – it brought family and friends together even close than before,  I feel the impact has been massive, we have had time to reflect and really assess how we have been working and I used it as an opportunity to mold my skills to become even more defined with my approach. 
I feel I’m now performing in the best way I can, but I still ensure that I am always assessing things and always looking at ways to keep improving. 
7.) Tell us a little bit about you!
I’m a Punjabi Sikh living in the north of England, I rep my Turban and Beard everywhere I go. I’m also a proud father of 2 and I love my family – they are my world!
8.) What are some goals you have for 2022?
My goals for 2022 are to keep focused on my music as I have more songs I am looking to release as singles, over the last year I have been able to write more new songs and I am now finalizing them ready for release – watch this space. 
I can’t wait to be back on the road performing live, one of my upcoming gigs will be supporting HipHop icons ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT when they visit the UK in April 2022.
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