Posted on March 4, 2022 at 6:02 pm

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Arslan Goni Gets Candid

Arslan Goni: When I put something out in public, I don’t expect everyone to like it!

Making a show or a film is teamwork and differing points of view need to be respected, says Arslan Goni. The actor adds that filmmaking is primarily a director’s medium and while he might not agree with certain decisions, he goes along.


“That is the beauty of any form of art, when I put that art out in public domain, then I cannot expect everyone to like it. It is my point of view or the director’s. There are a lot of things that you do on the set that you feel don’t go with the character. But it’s a director’s medium, and that needs to be respected,” says the actor, who was recently seen in a web series titled Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu.

While the content on OTT has been lapped up by the masses, especially during the pandemic, there has also been enough talk of the crass language that this content flaunts.

“As far as the abusive language is concerned, when you are telling the story of people from certain strata or thought process, they do talk like that, like that is their language. And that adds to the authenticity of the script,” Arslan Goni says, talking about the same.

The actor, who has been working continuously even during the pandemic, has a lot more to look forward to.

“I find myself very lucky. I have done two shows during the lockdown. It has been a decent time for me work-wise!” he says, adding, “I have finished one project which I am not supposed to talk about, that is like an open secret! We will most probably be shooting the next one abroad. It is a very interesting script. It’s a younger thought process which I appreciate and I am diving into it right now!” Arslan Goni says.

Meanwhile, the actor adds that the pandemic, although extremely challenging, has helped people understand the value of life.

“The pandemic did bring people together, more than what it was earlier. Everyone was in a state of vulnerability, no matter who it was. You knew that there was something that could kill us. Everyone was very nice to each other. I still remember, during the first wave, when we were stuck at home, there would be good days and bad days. Apart from that, there was this general sense of calling someone up, knowing that someone could be in a problem,” Arslan Goni says.
Arslan Goni Gets Candid
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