Posted on February 24, 2022 at 10:19 am

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Bhumika Chawla: Travelling is an enriching experience

“It’s satisfying to learn new things, meet new people” – Tere Naam actress, Bhumika Chawla 


Bhumika Chawla is a travel enthusiast. The actor has travelled to Hyderabad, Manali, Chennai, Haridwar, Dubai, Devlali, in the last year. In 2022 too she plans to explore more.

“I love travelling. However, when it’s done a lot one would like to stay in one place for a while. Travelling for me is a very enriching experience. We get to learn new things, meet new people from different spheres of life and cultures. It gives us an understanding of the broader perspective of things and this process is soul-satisfying. Being in the acting profession, I am grateful because I get to travel for my work to different destinations,” says the Tere Naam actor.

Actors constantly need short breaks to rejuvenate.

Agreeing, Bhumika Chawla adds, “Being wound up and busy with daily work and chores, the canvas that we have within us gets filled up to the brim. We need to make ourselves blank again, which means we need to find peace to start over, be able to refill our canvas and be creative.”

Bhumika Chawla: Travelling is an enriching experience

While travelling, the actor carries books. The other must-haves include toiletries, some basic items and books and shoes of her sons.

  “The destination I want to visit again in Manali. My earlier trip to the place was nice. When we went there last time it was snowing. Another destination in my wishlist is Turkey, Skipton and Brighton in the UK,” Bhumika Chawla shares.
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