Posted on December 5, 2021 at 4:59 pm

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Iti Acharya Looks a Million Bucks on the Beaches of Goa

Iti Acharya

Iti Acharya shares some scintillating pictures from her time in Goa and she looks super fit and hot. She follows a balanced regime, one she enjoys and not get crushed with. She always says that a healthy diet and workout balance has been key and she swears by it. She went there for the IFFI fest and she took out time to enjoy the other side of Goa as well. Iti has been putting those hours at training and the results are absolutely stunning and she is giving us some major goals. IFFI was very well organized and Iti stole the show at the red carpet. She tells us about her fit body and her time in IFFI. Let’s just hear it from the lady herself.

Iti Acharya

We spoke to a shimmering Iti and here is what the star says,”I have been focusing my energy inwards and that has paid a lot of dividends for me. Iti loves combination of good training and following a balanced diet. Consistency is the key when it comes down to fitness and I owe it big time to my personal trainer to keep me motivated and inspired towards achieving my goals. Wherever I am, I make sure to do some sort of physical activity and keep a check on the quantity of the food intake. I also take out time to take care of my mental health and being on the beach really contributed a lot to it since I am a water baby. I had a great time at IFFI. It was perfect platform to witness unity in diversity from different film industries of our country and other countries as well. It was well organized and a special thanks to Honourable Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Shri Anurag Thakur ji for encouraging participation of regional films. I had a gala time here in Goa, met some amazing people, explored new places and taking back lot of good memories. Keep loving and keep doing your best. See you all soon.”

We love the way you make it sound so easy. We reckon you enjoy it and we would try to do the same. Iti Acharya sizzled at IFFI and she was truly the cynosure of all eyes.

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