Posted on November 9, 2021 at 5:09 pm

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Six times Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Proved That She is The Voice of Change

Sonam Kapoor

Known to always having spoken up about worldly issues, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has often been touted as India’s voice of change. With her strong youth connect, Sonam Kapoor has always voiced youth opinion on subjects like sustainability, climate change, slow fashion, feminism, LGBTQIA+ and animal cruelty!

As Sonam completes 14 years in the industry, we take a look back at six times she spoke up about issues that need to be spoken about!

Animal cruelty: Last year, Sonam Kapoor took to her Instagram to highlight a horrific incident that took place at her cousin Priya Singh’s place. Sonam shared videos of two house boys at her cousin’s place torturing the street pets that were rescued during the pandemic. The story said that Sonam’s cousin Priya Singh’s husband happened to check the video footage of September 16,2021 of the storeroom where they keep rescued animals and found out that two of their trusted boys were seen thrashing and suffocating the pets.

Sustainability: Sonam Kapoor shared some green tips for successful sustainable living. Sonam’s helpful suggestions included saying goodbye to meat, just one day in a week, to recycling to doing away with single-use plastics to switching to reusable bottles.

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

LGBTQIA+: A strong ally to the LGBTQIA community in India, Sonam has not only been vocal about their rights but also launched the trailer of the movie Sisak, India’s first silent queer love story. In “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga”, she played the role of a lesbian struggling to come out of the closet to her orthodox family.

Feminism: In an interview, Sonam Kapoor had said that she believes everybody should be a feminist. She said that feminism means believing in equal opportunity and choices; it refers to the fact that everyone should have the same opportunity and the same choices in life, regardless of their gender. Adding to that, she said that she believes in equality and therefore, in feminism.

Climate change: A staunch supporter of climate change awareness, Sonam has made some green lifestyle changes. Even before Greta Thunberg was a household name, Sonam made everyone wake up and smell the coffee as early as 2015 by getting #AngryAboutClimateChange. Often touted as the voice of change, she was a part of the week-long Champions for Earth initiative.


Breast Cancer: Over the last 14 years, Sonam Kapoor has often lent her support to breast cancer awareness drives. As the brand ambassador for Elle Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, she was a part of Elle Carnival for a Cause. At the event, she had said, “It is my privilege to be associated with Ogaan Cancer Foundation and play a part in spreading breast cancer awareness. Everyone seems to know someone with breast cancer, I lost an aunt to it. Detecting cancer early is the only way to fight and that requires awareness about tests and a healthy lifestyle. I hope I can make a difference in my own way.”

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