Posted on November 10, 2021 at 2:43 pm

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“Romcoms which highlight love stories in this day and age excite me”: Arti Singh

Arti Singh

“Bigg Boss 13” contestant Arti Singh would love to be a part of romcom and comedy content, and content which is more family oriented and gives her the scope to improvise as an actor.

Having been a part of prominent fiction shows like “Waaris” and “Parichay” and exploring the reality space with Bigg Boss, Arti Singh is now keen to explore other genres as an actor which she has not experimented with before.

“As an actor, there is so much I would like to set foot into in relation with interesting genres and content. I would love to try out comedy! I feel that comedy runs in my blood and I do have the ability to make people laugh, so being part of a comedy drama or a comedy reality show is on my bucket list.  I am also interested in action dramas. Playing the role of a cop or a boss lady in some position of authority is definitely a character that would excite me. I am even looking forward to family dramas which have emotional and relatable content. Something like a ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’ is what I would love to try out! Even romcoms which highlight love stories in this day and age excite me”, shares Arti.

Arti Singh

“I am an actor who likes to improvise my lines, give my character a touch of my own and in the process of portraying that character,I like to feel one with it. I am not someone who can mug up lines and say them as is, I need to understand what I am being made to say, why I am being made to say it, how I can make it different and unique in my own way and mainly how I can improvise on it to relate it with myself. Hence I feel that genres like comedy, romance, family dramas do have the scope for characters to try out different avatars which are ideal for me”, concludes Arti.

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