Posted on October 8, 2021 at 9:15 am

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“I’m a guy from the mountains, I have it in me to survive in hard conditions.”, says Umar Riaz

Umar Riaz

The first Weekend Ka Vaar of “Bigg Boss 15” is round the corner and the fans just can’t keep calm as a lot has been happening and has happened in the house already. From verbal spats, to showcasing the rage and not to forget the destruction of the property, BB15 has left the viewers wondering if the scenario in the first week has reached this level what would be coming next.

Umar Riaz, who has been the shining star of “Bigg Boss 15” has made his mark in the show, not only by giving his 100% in the task, but also showcasing true sportsman spirit and his witty one liners just can’t be missed. The star has already made fans go head over heels with his charm and powerful game plan.

What’s more to know about him is the fact that Umar is an adventure junkie, when asked about living in uncertain circumstances in BB15 being a jungle theme this year Umar Riaz stated this, “This time the concept is different. I know I will have to live in tents or open space, but I would say that I’m a guy from the mountains, I’ve lived in wilderness. I am that adventurous. I used to go on treks often. As my father was mostly posted away from the city he used to take me on such adventures, so that thing is in me to survive in those hard conditions.”

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