Posted on October 19, 2021 at 5:26 pm

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A Cute Nickname for Vidhi Pandya!

Vidhi Pandya
Vidhi Pandya is enjoying every moment in the “Bigg Boss” house. She is not just giving her best in the tasks or household activities, but is also seen mingling well with her co-contestants. Of course, it’s difficult to see what our favorite celebrities are doing in just one hour of the on-air time, so we bring to you an interesting conversation that happened between Vidhi Pandya and Jay Bhanushali.

Vidhi and Jay engage in a conversation where she calls him ‘Chicha’ and Jay too jokes that he has kept a nickname for her. He calls her “Chachi 420” and says that she is playing her game very smartly and he will reveal her master plan soon.

As dramatic as she can be, Vidhi Pandya expresses her shock over this, and laughs out loud. She said “Ek khoon maaf hai mujhe” but stopped herself because of Tara (Jay’s daughter). She said that she just takes one day at a time and goes with the flow.

This is not the first time Vidhi and Jay have engaged in a fun banter like this, the duo are quite often seen pulling each other’s leg and it’s nice to see these contestants having a relaxed, carefree, and non-game centric time of their own.

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