Posted on September 17, 2021 at 2:36 pm

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Payal Ghosh is Back on Twitter and Welcomed With a Rousing Reception

Payal Ghosh

Payal Ghosh was on a digital detox for three months from Twitter and she is accepted and how. She tweeted, “I am back” and people have been accepting her with a lot of love. She wished our dear Prime Minister on his birthday and that is being cheered upon. She needed a detox from Twitter for sometime for everything that has been happening since last year. She is back now and we want to see the firebrand lady that she is on twitter.

We spoke to her briefly and here is what she says , “I needed that time out from Twitter and it was a welcome one. I am fresh and I understand that my twitter makes a big impact. Thats what we are there for, to create conversations and take up something we stand for. Its authentic me and let’s get talking there. A very happy birthday to our honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi ji. Hope he serves us for many years to come. This is an important day. Love and light to all. Stay safe and healthy.”

Payal Ghosh being Payal is the best thing we can have on Twitter and just as she said, “Let’s create more conversations. Get on, folks.”

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