Posted on July 2, 2021 at 1:28 am

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Vaidika Senjaliya shares her experience in Tujhse Hai Raabta

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Vaidika Senjaliya says Uttara’s character is realistic: She’s is like those people who traps people with their innocence

Vaidika Senjaliya plays Uttara Dixit in Amir Jaffar and Sonali Jaffar’s Tujhse Hai Raabta. Praising how the makers of the show have etched the role, Vaidika also shares that she is enjoying playing Uttara.“Uttara Dixit is really a great character. It has grey shades. She is here to take revenge, but unlike usual villains who are shown angry, cruel etc, Uttara’s approach is different. She is sweet to her enemies so that she can take their side and then she takes revenge. So yes the character took time to develop. It’s interesting in the way she traps people with her innocent charm. Because in real life also there are such people in our lives where we don’t understand their real motive in the beginning. They are like sweet poison. That way Uttara is a very realistic character,” she says.
Vaidika Senjaliya
Vaidika Senjaliya

Vaidika has played a variety of roles on screen. She is conscious as to what she takes up to maintain this diversity in her career.

“I have done Bhakharwadi before this and in that again I played a negative role. But I must say that Uttara is my favourite, she is strong and cunning. The only thing I find difficult about portraying this role is Uttara’s aggressive attitude towards kids. I love children. But as Uttara I have to be rude to them,” she adds.

There is a common opinion that film actors have more options to choose from unlike actors on TV. “I believe that TV actors too get options to choose their character. If you see, in one show there are so many characters. So every channel has such shows and there are plenty of different characters to explore. The only thing is that when we are doing one show, we are dedicated to it and have no time for anything else. But that’s amazing too because we expect stability in our lives and when you get that perfect particular character why not focus on it for some time,” she says

The actor continues, “I don’t think TV actors get stereotyped easily because every character is different, has its own identity. Even if you play a wife in two shows, both roles are different and are part of two different narratives. I played a negative character in Bhakharwadi and Uttara too has grey shaded but both the roles are different. So, you usually have a choice. When it comes to choosing a role I always find out how powerful my character is, how it reacts and behaves in any situation. Then I go for the story.”

Vaidika also opines about the fact that there is more focus on an actor’s private life. The moment a celebrity opens up about his or life, the media and fans give it too much attention.

“If you open up about your personal life, especially relationships, then people will talk about it. I think it’s all dependent upon how you conduct yourself in public. I also don’t think the media puts too much focus. If I am browsing a new channel, website or newspaper, I might read about something else and not just about someone’s personal life. So it also depends on who is reading and what,” she explains.

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