Posted on February 20, 2021 at 4:47 am

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5 Best Netflix Original Series to Watch Right Now

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Netflix is a horde house of all the world’s best cinematic experiences you can ask for. From being a collection house of the world’s best past cinema movies to the sitcom series of now, there is no quality cinematic creation that you could not find on Netflix. From each genre you could ever imagine to different eras of theatrics, you can look for any series or movies that appeal to you. 

But if you are looking for out-of-the-box Netflix presentations, it is time to look through the Netflix Original series. There is a myriad of options that you can choose from and; hence, you can witness the world’s finest creations and Netflix exclusives. Here is a list to go through!


Marvel’s Daredevil

If you have had a fun time watching Marvel movies, you are most likely to enjoy Marvel’s Daredevil. A series almost on the edge of being completely distinct from what you would expect from a Marvel comic universe turned series, Daredevil is still a piece well written, well cast, and exceptionally shot. It features on the sides that are much more brutal or even horrifying where the action is concerned as compared to Marvel movies and is darker and more abrasive. Still, the series comes with its own humor, and you will need not worry about differentiating the hero from the villain.

Despite the darkness shrouding the yet, three produced seasons of the series, you will find yourself sympathizing with the characters when need be (even the villains) and can distinguish the line of violence that separates the hero from the villain. 

The film has an exceptional cast with Charlie Cox playing Matt Murdock, and the villains are portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Bernthal’s Frank Castle in respective seasons. The interesting storyline will have you in its grips as you see the events unfold. 


Seven Seconds

A series you should have on your watch list when you wish to watch the newly released series, Seven Seconds is a crime thriller by Veena Sud. Written and directed by Youri Bykov, Seven Seconds is a follow-up to The Killing. The crime thriller stars Regina King (two times Emmy winner) and other notable cast members. The series has yet one season and ten episodes. A single season is devoted to one case. The story of season one revolved around the racially discriminating American Judiciary system as a black mother fights the law holders to bring justice to her dead son, a victim of a hit and run crime by a white cop. 

The story unfolds, bringing different layers to the characters and also to the dead son. 

 Clare-Hope Ashitey and Michael Mosley breathe life into the season. As the cops struggle to save their own hide while the black community strives to bring justice to the dead son and the entire African American community whose lives are deemed not worth more than that of a corrupt official. Once you get the basic gist of the season by episode four, it won’t be easy to let go of the series. 


A psychological crime series at its best, the series created by Joe Penhall is based on the crime book Mindhunter of 1995. The series takes after the book and is based on the real-life John E. Douglas portrayed as Holden Ford, who is played by Jonathan Groff. Inspired by the real FBI branch, which tested actual behavioral science in the 1970s and 80s and studied the behaviors of serial killers. The story revolves around Ford as he dives deep into the psychology of the serial killers and studies their psyches. The storyline is a captivating unfolding of events that has now led to the establishment of modern-day criminal profiles. 

As you can expect from the series, Ford, being deeply invested in getting into the criminal mindset to catch the TV criminals ( who are inspired by real-life serial killers ), himself develops an obsession with the killers as the killers do with their victims. This masterpiece by Joe Penhall and David Fincher will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride as you witness the tables turning again and again! 


A sci-fi series that you will be addicted to by going only mere minutes into the first episode, the Netflix Original series takes you into a dystopian world and then back to the present times. The characters are made to go into the consciences of people about to die to attempt making changes in the present world so that the world’s future hundreds of years from now can be different. The last surviving humans in the futuristic world who send their consciences back to random people of the 21st century are termed as ‘travelers.’ 

The travelers, as they make themselves home in the host bodies of the 21st century, soon learn that they have more on their hands than they imagined previously. The series is definitely a fresh breath as compared to other sci-fi series but does borrow a few cliche elements from the genre and takes you on a thrilling but fun ride.


BoJack Horseman

Set in a bizarre but compelling world where humans live among anthropomorphic animals, the BoJack Horse series takes you on a ride with a horse named BoJack (Arnette). Inspired by the 19807s Horsin’ Around, which is then portrayed as a fictional show in the series to which 

BoJack owes his success, the series shows the struggle of the horseman looking to find another stronghold in the cinematic world to stretch his success. 

The story features fascinating characters where a Persian cat (Amy Sedaris) is BoJack’s on and off girlfriend, and his rival is a golden labrador (Paul F. Tompkins). Additionally, BoJack is also in love with a human woman (Alison Brie) who is a ghostwriter and has a roommate (Aaron Paul) too.

Despite being a horse, BoJack’s character is mostly human, and his struggles and depression of the Hollywood world portrayed in the series is certainly an extension of human emotions. The story is mildly melancholy but is also built on humor, satire, and witty jokes. Though it might take you a few episodes to sort out how the series progresses, once you do, you will be hooked and binging through the six seasons.

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