Posted on September 4, 2020 at 10:00 am

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‘It does not have to be a choice between OTT or theatre, it can be both,’ Says Anand Pandit

The debate over OTT versus a theatrical release in the current pandemic is far from over.

Anand Pandit
Anand Pandit

Given that opening of movie halls did not figure in any ‘unlocking’ versions so far.

The talk of re-releasing OTT films in the theatre has gained momentum. Producers have begun to mull over two platform releases.

Veteran producer Anand Pandit who took a brave decision to release his much-talked about Abhishek Bachchan starrer The Big Bull on OTT says it is fine to have two releases of a movie.

“It is subject to the understanding the producer has with the OTT player. Theatre owner and the agreement drawn up. If it is mutually decided to have a theatre release after an OTT one, why should there be a concern. The film’s content, cast and quality can act as a decider for the same – it is not difficult to gauge which film suits an OTT or a theatre or both. And there is also the international markets to explore. Given that much of Europe, other parts of Asia and Australia have begun unlocking at a rapid pace.”

There were talks that theatres in some cities would open in September. But since that has not happened OTT is going to continue to rule the roost.

Thanks to the pandemic, multistarers and big budget films have also been designed for an OTT viewership. In the belief that entertainment should not suffer.

However even if theatres were to re-open, the general fear and social distancing norms. In the theatre may just about rob viewers of a true theatre experience and incur additional losses to theatre owners.

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