Posted on August 10, 2020 at 6:56 am

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Internet Hilarious Reaction On Badshah Accused Of Buying Fake Views For Music Video

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Badshah is one of the most famous rapper of the Bollywood industry. He is recently into news for all the wrong reasons. The rapper landed in trouble after the Mumbai Police claimed that he paid Rs 72 lakh for fake views on one of his songs.


As per reports, Badshah wanted to create a record for most views in 24 hours for his song ‘Paagal‘ which released in July 2019. As per the police, Badshah has confessed to spending a whopping Rs 72 lakh for 7.2 crore views to achieve the record.

This scam was first brought to light by Bollywood playback singer Bhumi Trivedi who filed a complaint. The Mumbai Police had also summoned host and actor Gaurav Kapur and RJ Roshan Abbas few weeks ago in regards to the scam.

Over the weekend, the rapper released a statement saying,

“Following the summons, I have spoken to the Mumbai Police. I have aided the officials in their investigation by cooperating and carrying out the due diligence on my part. I’ve categorically denied all the allegations leveled against me and made it clear that I was never involved in such practices, nor do I condone them.”

Just after this news surfaced all over the internet, people gave hilarious reaction via tweet. The twitter was flooded with memes on Badshah.

Check out some tweets right here:

 Also, check out the track Paagal right here: 

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