Posted on July 9, 2020 at 2:40 pm

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Television’s sweetheart Pankit Thakker teaches fans gratitude with his kind gesture!

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COVID19 has hit the world hard. The pandemic which began in March, shortly after Pankit Thakker’s 40th birthday, left the world in despair. While most of the world is under quarantine doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police officers, security guards, grocery store workers, farmers, and fire safety works are working around the clock to keep the world healthy and safe.

To express gratitude for one such worker, Pankit Thakker along with confectionery artist Ayesha Jethwa surprised the building security guards with a chocolate cake on World Chocolate Day.

“It is human nature to want love and appreciation. This pandemic has left millions of people in social isolation. A simple pat on the back or a little appreciation can go a long way, especially when you’ve working tirelessly through a pandemic,”

says Pankit.

We couldn’t agree more! A wonderful gesture by Pankit Thakker indeed!

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