Posted on July 30, 2020 at 4:44 pm

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Jaz Dhami Drops Brand New Song Titled Charkha with Newcomer Mitika Kanwar!

Jaz Dhami Drops Brand New Song with Newcomer Mitika Kanwar Titled Charkha!

Jaz Dhami and Newcomer Mitika Kanwar in Charkha

Jaz Dhami  and newcomer Mitika Kanwar release a new love song titled Charkha and we cant stop listening. The musician coined many hits including Theke Wali, Zulfa and High Heels featuring Yo Yo Honey Singh. Jaz has explored many genre’s in his music, translating western beats in to Indian melodies the singer brings a unique vibe with every release. This time he focuses on encapsulating vibrant Indian sounds in his new single titled Charkha!

Jaz not only embraces his Desi roots in this track but also introduces Mitika Kanwal to the scene. The songstress has an amazing voice, its heavenly and soothing. The love song is rather sentimental and emotional, portraying an innocent love story. Jaz and Mitika’s voice compliment each others voice so beautifully its unbelievable. The visuals match the song stripped back and aesthetic featuring both Jaz Dhami and Mitika Kanwal! Jaz and Mitika keep it rather traditional, emotional and pure with Charkha. Don’t miss it!

“When I first Heard Mitika’s vocals I was really impressed” – Jaz Dhami on Newcomer Mitika’s Vocals for Charkha

Jaz Dhami and Mitika Kanwar featuring on single charkha


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