Posted on June 5, 2020 at 1:54 pm

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Shamita Shetty Urges Fans To Use Social Media To Spread Positivity And Not Hatred

If you have been following actress Shamita Shetty, you will be aware that she’s all about spreading positivity. The actress often motivates fans to look at the brighter side even in these tough times when we are all battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty

She has been sharing pictures and videos of her dancing, working out, cooking and a lot more. Meanwhile, giving out an important message on her Instagram handle, Shamita shared how people need to stop spreading hate on social media and rather use it for good.

Shamita wrote,

“Think this needs to be said .. Guys this platform is not to be used to spread ur anger , frustration , complexes , judgement or any other sort of negativity ! Right now , there is enough of that hapn around the world!! I choose to use my platform to spread love , positivity , make ppl laugh n voice my opinions on anything n everything that matters to me. To the ones who have continuously spread kindness n love on this platform n not snide remarks .. Thankyou Be the change u wanto see in the world!! If u want to see this world becoming a better place .. make the change within first , stop spreading ur hate n understand that nobody is perfect n choose the right platform / place to remove ur frustrations .. this place ain’t it! Love , peace , positivity n gratitude to all”

We agree with Shamita, what about you?

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