Posted on June 24, 2020 at 11:17 pm

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Saadhika Syal as Sehmat in RejectX Season 1 and 2 on Zee5

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Actress Saadhika Syal started with formal training in method acting in 2017 from Jeff Goldberg Studio. She has acted in a couple of theatre shows with one of the most popular ones being Aadhe Adhure. Some of her plays include “The Frying Pan”, “Smell Of Lemons” & “Do Raha.” She made a small but powerful debut in digital medium with the renowned Amazon series “Four More Shots Please.” She is known for playing an engaging & bold role in Goldie Behl’s directorial RejectX Season 1 & 2 on the Zee5 network. Currently, she is seen in a web series titled “Its My Pleasure” on dishtv & watch app. She is soon going to be seen in a film titled RK v/s RKay directed by Rajat Kapoor. Additionally, she has portrayed a significant role in a prequel of Bahubali on Netflix and an art film both of which are to be released soon.

While talking about the character in both seasons of RejectX Saadhika Syal shares,

“I had no second thoughts about saying yes to portray this beautifully scripted character. The two simple lines that struck a chord with me & wonderfully sum up my character are, pyaar gender dekh kar nahi insaan dekh kar kiya jata hai & Sehmat ko toh koi dekhta hi nahi hai sab sirf uske hijaab ko dekhte hai.”
About the transition of Sehmat’s character from a confused, timid girl in season 1 to a go-getter & badass in the second season of RejectX, she adds, “The actor in me was super thrilled to play such a meaty role that portrayed gender fluidity in such a beautiful & heartwarming manner.”
Here’s wishing the actress lots of luck for the upcoming releases.
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