Posted on June 29, 2020 at 12:32 pm

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Rashami Desai on Depression

In conversation with Rashami Desai

In light of the spate of tragic events transpiring in recent years in the entertainment industry UrbanAsian brings to you a series of articles focusing exclusively on mental health. Today’s piece features Rashami Desai, the popular TV actress who is currently seen on Naagin 4. Rashami who has previously dealt with depression gives our fellow readers an insight on what depression has taught her and how to overcome it with some key tips.

Rashami Desai on what depression has taught her

“I  used to get judgemental about myself as I have been a little curvy and I used to get self-conscious, but over the period I realised its okay to be fat or the way I want to be. It is okay if you fail now, you’ll be fine next time. You just have to believe in yourself and keep going. I am quite comfortable with myself now. And just remember, It’s okay to be not okay.” Well we certainly agree with Rashami, it all begins from within. Self-love and acceptance has statically shown to improve self-confidence which aids in combating low self-esteem, which is one of the triggers of depression.
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Her mantra to deal with depression and mental health

“I concentrate on my breathing. Oxygen to your body is the utmost important thing. It brings stability and calmness to you. Deep Breathes, and I feel like I can fight anything.” As Rashami has mentioned, breathing is fundamental and therefore if you are going through a particular stressful time, try deep breathing exercises. Not only will this calm you down but will reduce a certain level of stress which is another trigger of depression.
Well there you go folks, we hope these tips can be of good use to those that are going through an emotional and mental crisis. Keep reading UrbanAsian as I will be back with a new article. Till then, spread love and be happy.
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