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Khushali Kumar: My Mom Is The Main Inspiration Behind Normal Days

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Khushali Kumar is an Indian actress, model, fashion designer and entrepreneur who predominantly works in Hindi film industry. She is the daughter of T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar.
Khushali Kumar
Khushali Kumar

She will be making her big-screen debut with Hindi movie alongside R. Madhavan.

Her poem Normal Days has been a big hit and is loved by fans. While in conversation with UrbanAsian, Khushali Kumar Opens Up About her new poem Normal Days, her experience working at home and more.

How are you spending your quarantine days?

-It was a little difficult initially, because I’m more of an outdoor person, but then I started helping my mom with cooking and I learned a few recipes from her. I started online dance classes too. I read some screenplays; I’ve just been trying to pass my time productively.

During this time alot of songs are being made and released about fighing the pandemic and staying positive – do you feel they are helping the public? Which one is your favourite?

-To stay positive is very important to be free of stress. Stress lowers our immunity, especially now that times are tough; the situations which we’re facing are scenarios that we would have never even imagined. Such songs generate a lot of positivity; they help uplift a person’s mood. Being locked down for over two months hasn’t been easy; one keeps feeling highs and lows. It’s really nice to create such things and above all it’s showing support to our frontline warriors in your own way. Doing such songs is a good thing and it has definitely got a good response.

Tell us something about Normal Days, it’s been a massive hit. How did the idea of the poem come out and how was it shot?

-This was something completely unplanned, they were just my thoughts which I was writing down in my diary. I had never thought of releasing it on the T-Series YouTube channel. I keep making and sharing my videos on my Instagram and other social media. I was going to release Normal Days like that too, however as we’ve been locked down for a very long time and I’m with my mom in Delhi and during the lockdown she became very nostalgic; she kept talking about her times and how she used to stay in a very small colony in Delhi, how she met my father, how things were very simple and normal at that time, how everyone used to be so happy and so satisfied. That’s when I realised normal days are so good and I really thank my mom for being so nice and simple, she is the main inspiration behind Normal Days. I just put the thoughts down in my diary, then we shot this video with my vlogging camera, it was shot in 4 hours and then it was sent to the background music people.
The post people and the technicians who worked from their homes and they did a great job adding to the video and then I just shared it with my brother and when he saw it, he really liked it; he said it brings a lot of positivity to your heart and in these times everyone is hoping and wishing for normal days again, hoping they come back soon. He decided that we should release this on the T-Series platform and that’s how it all happened. I’m very glad and happy that people are liking all my thoughts and they’re calling it a song, even though it’s not a song, they’re even calling it a poem; I personally wouldn’t call it a poem, but it’s a very big term to use and I’m not a poet or anything, these were just my thoughts which I wrote down and shared with everyone and I’m really happy that people are liking it.

How is it working with Jigar Panchal & Chirag Panchal?

– Jigar and Chirag are wonderful people and they have given beautiful background music. They have connected with the emotions very well which is very nicely carried. I think they have done an excellent job.

How is it working with T-series label?

-Firstly, I am blessed and fortunate to be the daughter of Shri Gulshan Kumar. He has always provided a platform to a lot of young talents, to come and show their creativity. I am so blessed that I am his daughter. I can use the same platform to showcase my talent to people. It’s a great blessing.
Once this lockdown gets over, what all thing you want to do?
-I would want to go meet my friends, my sister, haven’t seen her, my brother, family. Go dine at my favourite restaurant, party, get back to work, do everything. I think this is the situation for all of us right now.

Apart from this what other projects you have been working on?

-I’m very excited for my upcoming project with R.Madhavan which was about to go on floors, which was pushed because of Covid 19. Fingers-crossed, we’re all waiting for the situation to go back to normal so we can go back to shooting as soon as possible.

Apart from being a fantastic actress we also know that you are into fashion? How is it owning ‘Reve’ for almost 16 years?

-I would like to clear this, I used to be into fashion earlier and I had run my label for 4/5 years and I was dressing up a lot of celebrities and it was a dream come true when Shakira, The Princess of Pop wore my outfit, it was just amazing. However, acting was always my true passion, I always wanted to do that and since a long time now I’ve been focusing on acting as a career.

A message you will like to give your fans on staying safe and positive during these trying times? 

-Hopefully, this bad phase will pass soon and we all will be back to normal. Let’s try and find our happiness in all the small things which bring a smile to our face. So stay stafe, stay home, stay positive and this too shall pass.

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