Posted on June 16, 2020 at 11:25 am

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Donal Bisht Releases First Ever Hindi Micro- Web Series Tia & Raj

From starting a mental health awareness campaign, shooting from home to inventing new dishes in her kitchen.

Tia & Raj
Tia & Raj

Actress Donal Bisht has been making great use of her quarantine time.

She recently released a micro web series called Tia and Raj along with her actor and producer friend Akshat Saluja.

Talking about Tia and Raj, Donal says,

“In order to make this quarantine productive, we have come up with this concept of micro-webseries called ‘Tia & Raj’. And we decided to keep it short and sweet as it won’t be technically feasible to shoot long scripts at home. It was just me and my camera. It’s a conversational web-series, which involves a conversation between the characters Tia and Raj. Tia dials a number and it gets connected to a wrong person and later it shows how two unfamiliar people get connected. It’sa rollercoaster ride of misunderstanding and confusion.”

Talking about the new concept of micro web series, Donal says,

“I’m sure that in the future more than enjoying half an hour long episodes, people will enjoy watching mico-series. It guarantees more entertainment in a short span of time. Because we live in a fast-paced world where people seek instant gratification. And the concept of micro web series fits the bill!”

Instagram will load in the frontend.

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