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King Kaazi: ‘If T-Series Would Be A Person It Would look Just Like Deepika Padukone’

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King Kaazi is a versatile artist who believes in thinking outside the box by composing original songs. He is creating sounds that have never been heard before.

King Kaazi
King Kaazi

While in conversation with UrbanAsian, King Kaazi opens up about latest hit Teri Yaari, about working with Aparshakti Khurana & Millind Gaba, about his best memories and more.

1. How are you spending your quarantine days?

– Quarantine is not treating me as bad as I thought it would. Luckily, music is my saviour; so I am spending a lot of time making music, writing new songs, I am composing lot of stuff. So yes, music has just gone to another level because of quarantine. It gave me so much time to just spend with myself and tap into my abilities. I made some insane tunes and I just cannot wait to share them with the whole world. Quarantine is not that bad, actually I got lucky, I got so much time to write some music.

2. What is that one thing that you missing a lot of the outside world?

– This quarantine is not the best time of my life, though I am making the most of it, but I do miss my social life, I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss my clubs, I miss my regular life. Quarantine has given me a lot of time to spend with my family. But, having said that I need people in my life, so I need to go out.

3. Your latest song, Teri Yaari, is getting a great response. How are you feeling on receiving so much love from your fans?

– One of the biggest desires for any musician is that his music gets appreciated. I am so thankful and grateful to all my wonderful fans who blessed me with unconditional love. Thank you so much, I am getting so many DMs, mails, text messages; telling me how good my music is. I am so indebted to their love. Thank you so much, I am obliged by the love I am receiving from my fans.

4. How did this song take place and tell us something about how this beautiful story of marriage and friendship was created?

This song happened when Millind & Viruss & Stylish Singh, the other 2 writers of the song, and I were at the studio one day. We were just chilling & jamming. Then Millind came up with an idea, saying let’s write a song about Yaari. He’d done one yaari song already with Guru Randhawa, he’s always loved that concept & he decided to redo it with us, but that was a sad song, this time we decided to do a celebration song.

He just played the riff for me & that’s all it took; this is how it started. Believe it or not, in about an hour, he made the music, he wrote the song, we sung it, in 90 minutes we had the first demo ready. Since we’re very good friends, the chemistry was right, the vibe was right and it all worked out perfectly, the lyrics were just flowing. We had a great time, a great memory of how the song got made.

The concept of the video I can accredit to the video director Navjeet Bhutta. I have no say in that, I didn’t participate at all, he just sent the script to me. I read it, I loved it and I have no idea if Millind Gabba or Aparshakti Paaji put any of their input into it or not. I didn’t do anything. They just sent me the script, I read it and loved it.

I jumped on it and said let’s do it. Having said that, what I believe about how the marriage thing came into the scene, is because the song is so festive, it is like a celebration song. So, when you even listen to it without a video, it reminds you of a wedding or a party, not like a club party but a wedding party or a family party. So that’s how it all got in.

5. How was it working with Aparshakti Khurana? 

– He is the sweetest, most humble, down to earth, professional person I have met in my life. He is so senior to me and he’s working in Bollywood, he’s been working for so many years, though I have a 5-year-old career, I still consider myself a new guy but he is so accommodating & welcoming. He talks to you, he makes you comfortable, he cracks jokes, he’s a genuinely sweet guy. I have so much love for him, we became very good friends on the set, he’s very dear to me, I speak to him every day, I love him so much. Working with him was a dream come true, I used to see him on TV all the time, and be like Oh! He’s one of the Khurrana brothers and now I’m collaborating with him. God has blessed me with so much & meeting Aparshakti Paaji is one of the things I am grateful for. I love him & I hope I get to work with him again.
Teri Yaari
Teri Yaari

6. You have earlier worked with Millind Gaba for Gym Boyz. Can you share any memory that you have with him? 

– Millind & I are super close friends, he’s my closest friend in the whole music industry. Having said that, Millind & I go way back, it just happened that both of us are musicians and that’s how we’re connected as well. That’s not the reason we are bonding, though. He’s my family first, then he’s my friend, I have so much love & respect for him, he is someone who has supported me throughout my career. Very genuine, sweet, loving & fun guy. Working with him is like a festival for me, it’s like Diwali or Christmas. Last year I collaborated with him for Gym Boyz, where I had an absolutely fun time working with him, this year we worked together on Teri Yaari which was so good again & I hope in the future I’ll be collaborating with him every year. Not just 1 song, but 3-4 songs every year. Working with him is the best feeling in the world, I can’t describe it in a word, it’s just awesome.

7. You have collaborated with different music label. How is it working with T-series? 

– T-series is the boss, it’s the best record label in India. Everything about T-series is great right from their production to promotions, also their approach to artists and all their projects with the artists are great. This is my third project with T-series, and god blessed me three times to work with the best record label in India. I had so much fun and it’s perfect working with T-series.
If T-series would be a person it would look just like Deepika Padukone, gorgeous, perfect and beautiful.

8. You have always come up with original composition and track. What is your take on the remakes being made now-a-days? 

– I have always come up with new compositions & new tracks, because when it’s a new track, I’m making new music. Having said that, I’m a big admirer of remakes, remakes are so important because there’s so much of good music made from decades ago and if the old music isn’t revisited, it will be lost in time. Remakes make them sound fresh & new, even in 2020 we are listening to something that released in the 60s. I don’t know the kind of music they had in the 60s & 70s, My dad used to listen to some of that but that was too old school and I never paid attention.

However, with the remakes they add new music to it & give them a modern vibe and because of that, now in 2020 we know old songs. This was good music will never get lost in time, good music will never be away from anybody, so many future generations will also listen to good music because of remakes.

9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a singer in today’s time? 

– I don’t see any disadvantages, there is the chance of you becoming a famous singer or not becoming a famous singer. In that context I will say, if Plan A doesn’t work switch to Plan B then C then D all the way to Z, never give up, keep trying, work hard, come prepared and just leave everything to God.
If your music is good, everyone is going to love it. Just make sure you work hard for it, make sure you dig deep, make sure you give it the best you can, because that’s all you can do. Another singer, for those singers who don’t end up being signed to labels or being up to the mark where they wanted to be, for them I will say keep trying.
God is great, God is kind, he will listen to your prayers & he will pay heed to your labour. Having said that if no label picks you, you can always sing in your bathroom, you can always sing to your family, you can sing on the birthdays of your friends because they love you & love listening to you. No one can stop a singer from singing. Keep trying, if others can do it, if I can do it, we all can do it.

10. Apart from this, what are the other project you have in the pipeline?

– Well, there is a lot of music coming in. I am collaborating with very big artists, I cannot disclose the names right now, but all I can tell you is that great music is on its way, so be ready, be prepared, stay tuned in. Lot of good music with great artists is coming. I love my fans. I cannot wait to share my music with everyone.

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