Posted on May 15, 2020 at 5:08 pm

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Hum Saath Hai: “All of us are together and we’ll face everything as one nation”, Says Zaman Khan

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Zaman Khan with his great music has always impressed fans. Now his latest track “Hum Saath Hai” is out which is an emotion a phrase to define that yes no matter whatever happens.

Zaman Khan
Zaman Khan

While in conversation with UrbanAsian, Zaman Khan opens up about how he is spending his quarantine days, about his latest track Hum Saath Hai, about Astitva The Band, about remakes and more.

1. How are you spending your quarantine days?

– I’ve been working on my music, releasing songs, doing live sessions and spending long awaited quality time with my family.

2. During this time alot of songs are being made and released about fighing the pandemic and staying positive – do you feel they are helping the public? Which one is your favourite?

– Yes, music has always helped us cope with all our problems and make us feel better. All the songs being released in these times regarding fighting the pandemic are motivating and spreading the message of positivity. They highlight the efforts of the doctors and all the essential workers who are fighting for us, it’s hard to choose to a favourite, they’re all very amazing!

3. Tell us something about your upcoming track.

– “Hum saath hain” isn’t just a song I think it’s an emotion a phrase to define that yes no matter whatever happens, “All of us are together and we’ll face everything as ONE NATION.”

4. Hum Saath Hai. How did the idea of the track come out and how was it shot?

– It’s important to feel connected and to understand that we’re in this together and we will get through it, that’s the main idea behind the song.
The track and video was recorded individually by all the Artists from their homes with the resources that they possess, and then we edited it all to make the track come together.

5. How is it working with Bhuvan Bam? 

Bhuvan Bam
Bhuvan Bam
– Bhuvan is an amazing person and a dear friend. It’s always a delight working with him, I’ve worked with him previously on other projects like the song Banjara too. Making your own music is an amazing feeling but, to collaborate and see other amazing artists adding colours to your music is a feeling that can’t be described in words. You get a feeling that all creative souls belong to one family.

6. There are in total 14 other Artists in this song. Can you share any memory that you have with them while making of this track? 

– All of the Artists played and sung their part really beautifully and they contributed a lot in this project. It feels so good when you compose a song and you hear it in different voices. So yeah, the best memory of it all will be when I reached out to all of them, like when I called Akhil, he was totally into it, he said ‘If it’s your song, I’ll be totally there for you’. Then I spoke to my younger brother, Bhuvan, so when I called him and told him what I was planning he didn’t even ask the scale or the song name or anything else, he agreed for it.
All of the Artists, all it mattered to them that this song was for a social cause, to show togetherness and for the people, they didn’t ask me much about it and they agreed to be a part of it. This is the bond that the whole industry of Artists share, whenever it comes to working for a noble cause or doing something for humanity, they all come together and I’m definitely going to cherish this for the whole life.

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a singer in today’s time? 

– Everything depends upon how passionate you are, if singing is your passion and you’ve turned into your profession, then you’ve won the whole battle. The best thing about doing what you want is it brings you happiness and you’ve achieved what you’re doing. Singers these days have so many platforms to release their music, there are portals like YouTube, Spotify and so many things. You make a music video and you upload it, and you’ll have your own separate following and a set of fans. You don’t need a renowned music director or a label, if your the masses can connect with your music, then you’re very much there.
Disadvantage would be that whatever fame you get will be on a short term basis, but, it depends on how well you mould yourself and how well you keep upgrading your music. If you keep making similar type of music, then there will be a certain period where you’ll start sounding monotonous so, yes that’ll be a huge disadvantage for your career.
Everything depends on how passionate you’re about your music!

8. How did you created an amazing band and how was it titled Astitva The Band?

– I was in my college and I’m an a ECA(Extra Curriculum Admission), meaning I got the admission because of music. So, my brother Salman Khan Niazi, our drummer Ayush Gupta, our bass player Amit James and I, we were just jamming and going for college competitions, but, we didn’t have any name for our band yet.
One day after rehearsals we were just sitting wnd we decided that let’s just name ourselves, we had a lot of suggestions while brainstorming but, we asked ourselves, why are making music? And we were doing it to make an identity for ourselves, to make our ‘Astitva’, and hence ‘Astitva The Band’ was born. It’s such an amazing to start a thing as passion and then make it our profession, and it feels good that we’re spreading happiness with our set of music.

9. What is your take on the remakes that are created now-a-days? 

– I have a mixed set of emotions for the remakes, but, I believe that original songs have their own flair and their own magic, and no matter how hard we try to redo it, it just won’t be the same.

10. Apart from this, what other projects have you been working on?

-Working a lot upon my original Music and plan to release an album of 6 songs with a new sound of a “Singer/songwriter” feel , basically exploring a genre that has been quite unexplored in our country

11. A message that you would like to give to your fans during this hard times?

– I would like to tell all my fans to not be afraid and not lose hope in these times. We will get through it together and better days are right ahead for us and no matter what happens, Hum Saath Hai!

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