Posted on May 29, 2020 at 12:06 pm

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Here Is What Sohum Shah Has To Say On Working With Irrfan Khan In Talvar

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Tummbad famed actor Sohum Shah who is among the few actors who has an opportunity to work with the very talented and excellent actor Irrfan Khan.

Sohum Shah
Sohum Shah

For Sohum it was in Meghna Gulzar’s much acclaimed “Talvar”.

Sohum shares his mindboggling experience and fond memories about Irrfan as a person off the screen.

Sohum Shah on working with Irrfan Khan in Talvar shared,

“I had a great experience working with him. He was the most chilled-out actor on the set. He used to give suggestions between the shots so I got to learn a lot from him. He was a different person behind the camera.”

On talking more about Irfan Khan, Sohum was always inspired by Irfans thinking, the way he sees the world in a different way.

He said,

“The one thing that I have learnt from him is to live in the moment. He used to be relaxed and not worry or stress out on things. He thought that once you are relaxed you are in control of the situation. He had amazing control over his mind.”

Sohum first met Irrfan Khan at ‘The Lunch Box’ party. He confessed he was an ardent fan of his work.

Sohum Shah and Irrfan Khan
Sohum Shah and Irrfan Khan

Even Irrfan had seen Sohum’s aspirational project ‘Ship of Theseus’ so hence showered all his praises on Sohum.

Sohum had candidly asked Irrfan as in how he acts with such ease and what are his methods, to which Irrfan aptly replied saying, ‘I am still searching for it, everybody is’.

Sohum further added,

“Despite being one of the most talented and versatile actors, he was still in search of methods to make himself better. He was very evolved, not only as an actor but as a human being too.”

When Sohum got to know about Irfan’s demise he was completely shattered and was left speechless.

In his last movie Irfan despite of battling with cancer he looked all well and never thought that he would leave us so soon.

He also said,

“I have worked with him and have spent time with him. I looked up to him as an actor. I have learnt a lot from him. It is a great loss for the film industry.”

The industry had lost a gem and it’s an irreplaceable damage and Sohum sharing his personal insights reveals about Irrfan Khan. It was such a lovely experience to talk to Sohum and get to know so many things about his experience on working with the industry’s best.

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