Posted on April 19, 2020 at 4:09 pm

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Vidya Balan Urges Citizens To Make Masks At Home

India has been combating Corona bravely for sometime now. The Government has enforced strict rules in many states and made wearing of masks mandatory.

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

Due to the crisis in production like we all are aware there is a huge crisis of masks in our country. To our relief Prime Minister Modi had earlier declared that we can make and use masks made at home.

Vidya Balan beautifully shows us a simple tactic to make mask at our homes.

Vidya Balan has been urging people to donate food and other things to the needy. Also had taken an initiative to spread some awareness. It is regarding the importance of staying at homes during this fatal situation.

Today Vidya Balan had uploaded a video. She shows us a very simple way to make a mask at home and we think it is a great idea.

Check out the video right here:

There is a widespread scarcity of masks nationwide. There are large sections of people who are deprived of masks and with this easy trick we all can make masks and use them.

Vidya showed us how to make a mask from a blouse piece and likewise. She told we can make plenty of masks from old sarees,scarfs, pieces of clothes. Its a proud shout out to Apna Desh Apna Mask.

Vidya has been sharing interesting facts about her quarantine through live chats. We are so thankful to her for this fun video of making a mask. She has just shared and helped thousands of people.

Vidya has an interesting line up of films this year, her much awaited film Shakuntala Devi is yet to release. The highly anticipated Sherni’s shoot is kept on a hold for now. We really can’t wait to see our favorite on the screen once again.

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