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Renowned Astrologer ALOK KHANDELWAL Breaksdown Astrology As a Career

Renowned Astrologer ALOK KHANDELWAL Breakdown Astrology As a Career and The Creation of ASTTROLOK as a Way to Lead India Away From Misconception With a Versatile Online School

Alok Khandelwal Talks About His Journey into Astrology and Much More!

Leading up to the interview, I spent a lot of time pondering what I should be asking such a renowned astrologer. I wanted to address so many issues that taunt the younger generation today, I also wanted to address the common things we tend to wonder about when thinking about an astrologer. Astrologers are kind of mystifying in a way, they’re able to use an ancient science to predict elements of our lives on a microscopic level. Sometimes it feels as if they know us better than ourselves, so I decided to get to know one of India’s renowned Astrologers Mr. Alok Khandelwal. I delved into his life as an astrologer, so that I could untangle the mysteries on the life of an Astrologer. Alok is also a phenomenal businessman and the founder of the online educational platform Astrolok. The platform is in a way quite revolutionary, offering Vedic Sciences in an intensive online course is almost unheard of.

Finding the fault in our stars is just one of the interesting jobs performed by Mr. Alok Khandelwal. Interestingly, I found that he is rather humble, kind and in no way big-headed admittedly quite rare for someone of his stature.  Upon speaking to him, I asked about his childhood, inspirations, and the creation of Asttrolok.


‘‘My father is an Astrologer, so I have seen since childhood. Initially I us liked this science because I saw people coming to my father thanking him, but never thought of learning this. There was a bad phase in my life for a long period. I was trying my best, but nothing was turning in my favour. That was when I started realizing that there are somethings which are beyond intellect, that only hard- work is not sufficient enough to be successful. Time is important in everyone’s life. I started learning this science, with the help of my father and later studied it in an institute. It started coming to me in a very natural way and within two years people started coming to me for consultations and my predictions proved true.’’ –  Alok on his journey to becoming an Astrologer

People trust you a lot and will take crucial decisions based on your advice. It’s not only in India, I have experienced it with my clients across world. This is a biggest challenge since you need to be very responsible and cannot afford to make a single mistake. Your one mistake can ruin someone’s life. Although, it’s the most beautiful part of being an Astrologer, since it gives you an inspiration to always learn and be humbler. – Alok on the challenges of being an Astrologer

 I started practicing as a part-time astrologer around 12 years ago. Every day I started meeting people who generally come to me after visiting other astrologers and mostly will come with wrong stones on a finger or some expensive puja they had already done. I started telling people that it’s a science and it’s not something which is a superstition. One fine day my childhood friend and partner Kshitij were discussing about the myths and malpractices in the field. We concluded that we needed more Astrologers who can practice this as a sacred science and wont cheat people. I have always loved teaching and was servicing various business school as a visiting faculty. We started “Astrolok” I started teaching and Kshitij took care of advertising and marketing, After 4 successful years we are working towards our vision and we have created some very good astrologers who are serving the society and has opted for it as a career option as well. – Alok on the creation of Astrolok


Interestingly I opted to take a class with Astrolok and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The separation of superstition versus science and religion is indeed clear. This is inspiring and thought-provoking. Alok as a teacher is simply remarkable, he shares knowledge that is vital and keeps the beginner in mind. If you thought about astrology as a career, then I believe a class with Mr. Alok Khandelwal will push you in the right direction. Teaching is an art he has clearly mastered.

Impressed by his knowledge and skills, I became rather curious about his upbringing and how he nurtured himself into this position. Not only is he a phenomenal Astrologer, but he is also remarkably knowledgeable.

I born in a family rooted in business in a small town in India. My father was a businessman as well as an astrologer, it is typically Indian to join the family business. Until 12th standard I studied in my hometown Shivpuri, then I move to a place called Gwalior for doing my graduation in business management. After my graduation I did MBA (Marketing) and MA(Psychology) and after that I began working for six months in a company. I started my own Advertisement and Event Management company. It’s been now 20 years of this business and it’s a different aspect of my personality. Although most of the world now know me as an Astrologer but I am full time in my business and it’s still the first love – Alok on his family, education and business

Interestingly there is a lot more to Astrology as a career than one would think, according to Alok one would have to deal with a lot of sadness and negativity from clients as many people who come to him face a lot of problems. ‘You face a lot of negativity from everyone, you have to practice meditation and prayer’ – he says, making this seem easy. Nonetheless, India has developed a bad reputation in a spiritual sense due to the influx of ‘Godmen’. I took the opportunity to ask Alok his opinion on ‘The Godmen Problem’

‘In every profession there are good and bad people, this is also present in the field of Astrology. In this profession people come for help. We need to be more responsible and people should use their judgement against real and fake Astrologers. People should avoid those astrologers who create   fear in their life and sell pujas and other ornaments.’ – Alok on false Godmen

Alok cites his inspiration as his father and Sri Ravishankar founder of the Art of Living movement, there’s no doubt about this since Alok prides himself on hard-work, humbleness, spirituality, and the Science of Hinduism. I further asked him about tips for aspiring students and the Coronavirus outbreak.

‘Everyone knows that this world is made up of five elements. Earth, water, fire, air and ether, we are also made of these elements. These elements are controlled by these 9 planets that why they have an impact on our lives. When there are changes in these elements in our body and mind these 9 planets creates certain kind of thoughts and circumstances in our life. An Astrologer reads these conditions and estimate the time of events is Astrology.’ – Alok on how he would describe Astrology to a beginner

The current planetary position is not good. I see a ray of hope after 15th April when Sun will be exalted but the real recovery will start after 4th may. We can expect almost complete recovery after Sep 2020, when south node and north node will change the signs. Economic recovery will take around one year from here. – Alok on the current Coronavirus outbreak at the time of this interview.“>http://

Alok Khandelwal paints an interesting picture of Astrology and the life of an Astrologer. He shows us that not everything in Hinduism is painfully superstitious. Hinduism is very much so a science and should be practiced as such. He boldly takes on the responsibility of serving people through the science of Astrology. If you are considering a class in Astrology, I strongly suggest that you check out his courses on Astrolok to get a feel of what Astrology is like. He is certainly an Astrologer and a remarkable teacher before being a businessman. His passion for the field is almost unmatched.


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