Posted on March 4, 2020 at 10:13 am

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Sana Khan Says Ex-Boyfriend Melvin Louis Allegedly Impregnating An 18-Year-Old

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Love stories though make us all go ‘aww’ don’t always end up with a ‘happily ever after’. While some splits are ended on good notes some are done in bad blood. And one such love story that is leaving us shocked now is Sana Khan and Melvin Louis.

Sana Khan And Ex-Boyfriend Melvin Louis
Sana Khan And Ex-Boyfriend Melvin Louis

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis were couple goals with the PDA and their split was rather shocking. But what’s more appalling are the post break-up claims that Sana is making.

The latest is of her claiming that Melvin impregnating an 18 year old.

In an exclusive interview with a leading online portal, Sana revealed how she came to know of a woman impregnated by Melvin. She was quoted saying,

“One advocate texted me, and she said this is what happened, a girl was 18 years old and she got pregnant and this guy must have promised, god knows what he did, and that girl went under depression, and she went to her (the advocate) for counselling. So she knew that girl, and then later that girl got lost. So she is like, ‘the girl could not speak because she was a normal girl and he was a so called celebrity. But because this matter is out, I want to tell you’. There are so many girls who have texted me. There was a girl who doesn’t want to reveal her identity but she told me how he drugged her to do stupid things with him. These are all 17-18 year old girls.”

She went on to add that a 16-year-old girl got in touch with her to tell her how Melvin molested her at the age of 13 at his dance class.

Apparently, Melvin allegedly objected to Sana performing a specific dance move in a South film saying his mother was not going to accept her if she did the move. This left Sana really upset! She said,

“So sanskari he was playing, who was characterless, and the whole family is characterless, forget about him. He is teaching me how to have ethics! I was like, I have survived longer than you.”

We wonder if Melvin will have a reply to this!

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