Posted on March 3, 2020 at 5:52 am

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Five Reasons Why Indeep Bakshi Would Be The Perfect Match For Shehnaaz Gill

All the eyes are on this famous reality TV show – Mujhse Shadi Karoge. In which Shehnaz Gill in her cute, chulbuli avatar is all set to find her Mr. Right!

Indeep Bakshi and Shehnaaz Gill
Indeep Bakshi and Shehnaaz Gill

To which there are many guys in line for our Desi Katrina. We think Indeep Bakshi is the perfect match for Shehnaaz Gill.

Here are the five reasons why Indeep Bakshi is the best:

1- They both hail from a Punjab background:

Only a real Punjabi Munda can really understand a Punjabi kudi! Shehnaaz is a simple, Punjaban at heart with big dreams, and so is Indeep. They get together like a house on fire!

2. They’re both singers:

Shehnaaz and Indeep, are both phenomenal singers and can rock the Punjab music industry together! A collaboration between these two would be super interesting and totally awesome!

3. Their idea of love is the same:

Indeep believes in having fun in a relationship, and so does Shehnaaz! If these two get together, they’d make a dynamic, super entertaining duo!

4. Indeep is a gentleman:

Indeep is loving, caring, and also is super understanding! He will listen to all of Shehnaaz’s ‘Dukhdas’, and can give her all the affection and attention she needs and deserves!

5. Because #IndeepNaaz is goals:

Shehnaaz has chosen Indeep as the winner of several tasks in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, and it just goes to show that the feelings are mutual!

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