Posted on March 20, 2020 at 10:37 am

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Adnan Sami Releases The Farsi And Pashto Versions Of Tu Yaad Aya

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Last month, Adnan Sami made a sensational comeback on the Indian music scene with his his single Tu Yaad Aya. The achingly beautiful melody has proved to be the perfect comeback vehicle for the celebrated musician. Taking the success story ahead, Sami has now come up with a Farsi and Pashto version of the number – Ba Yadam Asti in Farsi and Biya Biya Yaadigi in Pashto

Adnan Sami releases 2 new versions of Tu Yaad Aya
Adnan Sami releases 2 new versions of Tu Yaad Aya

Adnan felt the need to do it for his fans and for the love they have showered on him through the years. He explains,

“My family lineage can be traced to Afghanistan. My paternal great grandfather was from Afghanistan. My grandfather was the governor of four Afghan provinces under King Amanullah Khan’s time and was also the King’s first cousin. So my family has had old ties-relations with the royal family as well. I have had this affinity and association with the people over there. I have received tremendous love for my work in music from them. The languages spoken in Afghanistan are Farsi and Pashto. It was my commitment and promise to the people over there that someday I would do something in both these languages.”

Check out the Pashto version

Check out the Farsi version

Adnan calls the two new versions of Tu Yaad Aya his ‘humble tribute to the people in Afghanistan, Iran and the entire Central Asia’. He asserts,

“With Tu Yaad Aya, there was a wonderful opportunity to fulfill that promise. My greatest inspiration today is my wife Roya who is originally from Afghanistan. Therefore my relationship with the Afghan people is two-fold! They also call me their ‘Son-in-law’!”

The song is a gigantic hit among the youth and on streaming platforms. The song has recorded over 17 million plus views on YouTube and its success shows no sign of stopping yet.

Tu Yaad Aya’s Farsi version titled Ba Yadam Asti and Pashto version titled Biya Biya Yaadigi, with music by Kunaal Vermaa, composed by Lo Jill, sung by Adnan Sami and produced by T-Series are OUT now on Pop Chartbusters channel on YouTube.

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