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Read On To Know How 21 Year Old Hrithik Singh Built A Music Company

Hrithik Singh went from nearly being an average boy to founding a multi-million-dollar business in less than two years.
Hrithik Singh
Hrithik Singh

What makes this so unique though is that those two years happened to be from when he was 19 to 21.

As a college-aged individual going through hard times he turned to entrepreneurship as his opportunity to improve his life and doubled-down on a real-life education rather than going to class.
Through his perseverance and attention to knowledge accumulation, he has grown as an entrepreneur and proven that no matter the circumstances you can overcome adversity. His story is admirable and filled with lessons for those who are seeking to get out of bad situations and improve their life.

After talking with him about the early troubles that pushed him to hustle for his success and the later scaling process that allowed him to continually push his business to new limits, these were the aspects of his story with the most value for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hrithik Singh
Hrithik Singh

Hrithik’s story begins when he moved off to college and had to live on life essentials. He was 7 faced an issue with his fathers death that lead to social and financial issues. Post that he was shifted to Mumbai for his further education with the support of the family.

At the age of 16 he started working as a Event Promoter. He got inspired by the tv show Entourage which had an agent character and he made a firm decision of starting the company of his own after taking a brief study of 6 months.

He focused on reading as much as possible and spending hours a day consuming online webinars, videos, and other content to teach him what he needed to know about being an entrepreneur.
From there he figured out what he could do to put his life on the right track.After founding his venture and seeing it grow. He decided to leave school and told told no one. It took him about eight months of working but eventually he hit a point where he made his first music night withe international DJ in a month. From there his hard work and determination lead to further success.

As he said,

“I knew what I wanted and why I needed to work, so it was easy to put in the time and effort to realize my ambitions.”
Surround yourself with the right people without the help and support of his family and friends during the times he was struggling the most. Hrithik says he would not be where he is today. No one is able to go it alone and ensuring the people around you help support you and your ambitions is crucial for long term success. Since moving on from those early times, he has gone on to developing the company of music that pulls all the international hip hop artist to India.
He Patnered with his Childhood friend Kaashvi Hiranadani in 2018 and the first ever International Show In China to various part of Asia. After that as he moved ahead in getting rapped and hip-hop acts in asi and successfully did the show with acts of 88Glam , Ramriddlz Ramz and many more.

The company is known as Medrock Live and renowned Internationaly for Artist Touring in Asia.

Now that business is doing well he is extremely careful about who he works with. He has developed an ability to spot who is truly willing to work hard. Put in the effort required to succeed and also try to bring him value. These are the people who looks to work with and surround himself with rather than associate with anyone who likes the idea of success and financial independence but is not willing to work for it.

After making the debut of +Xo Record Label by the Weekend which is successful able of the weekend in India he is announced as first world youngest majorly show producer. Now looking forward to establish 1st international concert in the world of hip hop in 2020.

Starting out in a dingy dorm room at 19-years-old and not knowing how he was going to make ends meet, Hrithki Singh found the fire that would drive him to create his own success. Working on developing the right skill sets to attain success and surrounding himself with the people who could make it happen.
His life went from a bleak situation to resounding success in less than 24 months. No matter the struggle you are given in life, if you know what you want you are able to push forward and find something better.

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