Posted on December 24, 2019 at 1:27 pm

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Buy For Your Loved Ones

Depending on who you’re shopping for this holiday (say, grandma or your kid’s teacher), classic gifts may be the way to go.

Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts

But what happens when you realize that you’ve bought the same sweater for your dad for the second year in a row? Browse through this list of unique Christmas gifts to find an option that’ll leave a memorable impression.

While some may consider these gift ideas to be unusual, we think they’re simply more creative than the boring finds that you gift (and re-gift) time and time again. These gifts, which are sure to be an unexpected hit on Christmas morning, are perfect for anyone on your list: your kids, mom, dad, friends, you get the idea.

If you’re on the hunt for a gift that’ll even surprise your closest friend (an essential oil diffuser bracelet) or looking for a sweet way to show your significant other some love (a personalized necklace), these top picks are the best way to surprise and delight. After this Christmas, you’ll never go back to gifting him or her the basics like ties, sweaters, and mittens again.

Murder Mystery Game

After all the true crime documentaries they watch, it’s very likely that they have the right skills to solve unsolved cases. Although the cases in this game aren’t real, the 50 fake evidence photos and documents are a great way to put their sleuthing skills to the test.

Multiple Name Necklace

For the mom who just gave birth or the one dealing with her empty nest, this personalized necklace is a sweet way to keep her kids close to her heart. Choose from a silver or gold chain, and then send up to four names to the Etsy seller.

Etched Skyline Wine Glass

An ideal find for someone who recently moved from home or is simply proud to live in a big city, this stemless wine glass is etched with the panorama of one of 29 major U.S. cities of your choice.

Heat Changing Mug

At first, this gift looks like any ol’ mug. Once they fill it with their morning coffee, however, a furry face appears.

Charging Cord Bracelet

There’s a hidden power inside this braided faux leather bracelet: Beyond its sleek and stylish look, the top-rated pick can charge compatible phones and tablets.

Terrarium Candle

Ya know that person who loves plants but can’t manage to keep them alive? Gift them one of these cacti or poppy terrarium candles, so they can bask in their glow even if they lack a green thumb.

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