Posted on December 3, 2019 at 12:12 pm

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Akshaye Khanna: Sab Kushal Mangal is a film you can watch with your grandparents

The trailer of film Sab Kushal Mangal was unveiled at an event in Mumbai. The film starring Akshaye Khanna and debutants Priyaank Sharma and Riva Kishan is directed by Karan Vishwanath Kashyap and will release on 3rd Jan 2020, the first film to release in 2020.

When asked if acting was always a plan, Priyaank said,

“It wasn’t planned but I was inclined towards dramatics and arts since childhood…when I heard the script, I wanted to do the film.”

“It wasn’t planned for me too but when I decided to take this as a profession, I told my dad…he told me to do what I felt is right. Dad has always guided me in best way possible. There was no pressure from my parents at all.”

Added Riva

What’s the one advice you got from your parents and is there any added pressure because your parents belong to the industry?

“Be natural, spontaneous and don’t do too much of maths. Do it only if you enjoy it. Said, my mom and dad. I won’t be able to work if I start thinking about the pressure but I must say even if I become half the actor that my mom is, I will be happy.”

Said Priyaank.

When asked Akshaye about him returning to comedy, Akshaye said,

“I was drawn to the film because it is a very sweet subject. It’s a clean film. This is a film that you can watch with your grandparents.

The film promises to take family audiences on a roller coaster ride of comedy.

The trailer is filled with moment that are sure to make you laugh out aloud. This romantic comedy drama is a love triangle where both Akshaye and Priyaank are chasing behind Andre want to marry Riva.

Present at the event were Priyaank’s parent’s actor Padmini Kolhapure and producer Pradeep Sharma and Riva’s parents Ravi Kishan and his wife.

Presented by Nitin Manmohan’s One Up Entertainment, Akshaye Khanna and Abhishek Jagdish Jaiswal, the film marks the debut of Prachi Nitin Manmohan as a film producer.

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