Posted on November 4, 2019 at 6:55 am

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Harsh Rajput: I can do a lip-lock on a TV, but not beyond that

Do you love Indian Television? How entrapped are you in their world of drama, mystery and wonder? Star Plus’ horoe romance, Nazar, is set to increase the temperature with its upcoming episodes. Harsh Rajput, who plays the male lead Ansh, recently shot a bathtub sequence for the show.

Harsh Rajput as Ansh in Star Plus' Nazar
Harsh Rajput as Ansh in Nazar

Here’s what we heard

“Ansh (Harsh Rajput) will get into ‘dayaan shesha’, after which he will come out in his dayaan form from the bathtub.”

Harsh essays the role of Ansh a half-human-half-dayaan in the show who possess super natural powers. The actor says he has never done something like this before. When quizzed whether it challenging, Rajput replied,

“To be very honest, yes it was bit challenging. When I was told about the bathtub sequence, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited because I had never done something like this previously, and I was nervous because I had to shoot for it bare-bodied.”

The bare-bodied sequence came as a surprise to Harsh, as he was informed about it just a day prior to the shoot. He says,

“Since I am shooting round the clock, I do not get time to work out regularly. When I learnt about the sequence, I hit the gym for a quick workout session and also stopped salt intake to reduce water retention. That helped my muscles look well-defined.”

How much is too much for him? Harsh Rajput said, 

“I don’t have any issues in going all out, but it depends on the medium and whether it is required. If the script demands, I can lock lips on a TV show, but I am not game for anything beyond that. I am open to stretching the boundaries for other mediums, but it should be justified and shot aesthetically.”  

Talking about the shooting experience Harsh said,

“It was a fantastic and was quite different because usually boys don’t come out of bathtub especially in our show (laughs).” 


The show is aired on Star Plus Monday to Friday at 11 pm.

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