Posted on October 12, 2019 at 9:40 pm

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Shiamak Davar’s Dance Masterpiece Selcouth Is Back

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Shiamak Davar’s Dance Masterpiece Selcouth Is Back

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Shiamak Davar’s Dance Masterpiece Selcouth Is Back. Rare and unusual, the body is an intricate work of the supreme power. In the mundane existence if your being lies an odd undertone, a marvelous splendor of that spark that sets you apart of the ordinary. When you hear the sound of your soul, your body makes sounds that only you can hear, your mind shares thoughts that only you can understand and shapes that the world may not understand. You find comfort in the glory of the oddity in you and you find the real you.

Creative genius Shiamak Davar enthralled performing arts enthusiasts with his contemporary dance show Selcouth a few years back. The exceptional show is back by popular demand!

Dance and performing arts enthusiasts have been looking forward to the return of a remarkable contemporary dance show that took everyone’s breath away a few years back. Shiamak Davar is prepared to answer this wish as Selcouth comes back on 3rd November at The NCPA, Mumbai.

Selcouth is a contemporary dance production choreographed by Shiamak Davar and performed by The Shiamak Davar Dance Company. In his trademark Shiamak Style of choreography, the performance is a blend of Indo contemporary and modern movements with a strong ballet foundation. Exploring varied emotions, the audience is at the tip of their seats ready for surprises, visual treats and technique par excellence.

“We completed over 30 shows of Selcouth and I was amazed at the response from the audience. This movement is very different from what people generally see, this is a pure dance. I’m glad we’re bringing the show back. This product is very close to my heart and creatively, something that I look forward to every time we do it”

says Shiamak.
So, if you’re in Mumbai then you can watch Selcouth on 3rd November 2019 at the NCPA, Mumbai. Tickets on

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