Posted on August 23, 2019 at 1:04 am

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Zalman Roy Singer/Songwriter Releases Lové Nu Love

Zalman Roy Singer/Songwriter Releases Lové Nu Love

Zalman Roy, is a Singer/Songwriter from Brussels, Belgium to where he emigrated 20 years ago. This allowed him to see first hand and experience different forms of Urban Culture, which lead him to pursue music as his passion and his way of communicating.

Looking up to legendary figures such as Biggie, Massari, RDB as well more underground artists such as The Underdog Project and French Rapper Booba taught Zalman Roy his sound and work rate.

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Releasing cliche party songs, Zalman wasn’t convinced that was the correct path he wanted to take so he took some time away from music and his environment and decided to move to remote Norwegian mountains where he spent time 18 months. This is where he made a mission to voice controversial but very real issues that no-one dares to talk about and which have a very real and serious influence on our daily lives. Combining pop music with real meaning was the new mission statement.

Through his interesting life path, he has learned many things and developed a very different view on everyday subjects. Zalman Roy believes he can appeal to youngsters to see things through a different lens and show how much potential is hidden within ourselves.

Lové Nu Love (In Love with the Money) is the first offering from the talented Singer/Songwriter.

The song discusses the fact of taking distance from money, friends, and family as well as from our own comfort zone to discover our real potential and unknown capabilities hidden within ourselves.

This is just a small preview of what’s to come from Zalman Roy.

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