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UA Exclsuive| Aaman Trikha: I would love to sing for Ranbir Kapoor

Playback singer Aaman Trikha started his musical journey from the city of dreams itself and followed his lifelong passion of pursuing a career in singing and turned his dreams into reality. He got his big entry into Bollywood with the song ‘GO GO GOVINDA’ From OH MY GOD! & continued giving the audience chartbusters and unanimously winning hearts with his songs like Hookah Bar from Khiladi 786 and Butterfly from Jab Harry Met Sejal ever since.

 Aaman Trikha's interview
Aaman Trikha

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview this talented singer, Aaman Trikha. He spoke about his singing career and about his journey so far.


  1. How is singing for movies different than singing for commercials and web series?

As they say, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Although all songs are of equal importance & effort, but the movie songs you’ve to be in that onscreen character totally, so that there’s no mismatch while doing playback, especially if the lip-sync is involved.

Plus the level of heroism and projection is much more in commercial mainstream cinema as lot of money is riding on it.

But having said that, the distance is getting narrower in between songs in movies & webseries by each passing day.


  1. Did you always want to be a singer?

I had no idea that I can sing until I was 19. Before I wanted to be either an aircraft pilot or a cricketer. But in year 2005, when God made me realise that I could sing, thereafter it was only singing that captured my aspirations completely.


  1. How has your journey been so far in the industry?

From a nobody to someone who featured in a popular reality show , to sing ‘Go Go Govinda’ ( OMG- Oh My God! ) as my debut song to the latest ‘Zinda’ ( Bharat ), the long journey so far has been great, tough & very testing all at the different timelines. Being from a non-filmy background it certainly wasn’t easy at all to even make my voice reach out there, but by God’s grace I could make my presence felt through my passion, self-belief, family support, never-day-die spirit & that constant trust that all music directors have enriched me with.


  1. How easy or difficult is it to sing in other languages?

The feel, diction & accent. If you get these things right while singing any language, then all is well. The way you’re pronouncing a word has to be perfect otherwise the whole word meaning changes! Some languages like Tamil & Malayalam are very complex in this regard.


  1. How do you react when you disagree with a song given by a director?

There’s never been a situation like this where I’ve disagreed with a song given to me. Every song is special. If this situation ever occurs I will be greedy. I will ask for one more song in addition, haha!


  1. How do you get the correct emotions while singing any song?

I surrender myself to the song and get under the skin of it completely. I do this to feel exactly the way it is to be sung and treated. Once you become one with the soul of the song, emotions naturally flow out into it. And ofcourse, the brief is also very important.


  1. How important is it to read a script or know the story before singing a song for that film?

If the script is read out to the singer, it always helps to catch the perfect mood of the song, mannerisms of the actor on which it’s being shot & little nuances supposed to be in the voice modulation.


  1. An actor you wish to lend your voice too?

To all of them for whom I’ve sung till now & those I haven’t yet 🙂 The list is quite long trust me, but to single out, I would love to sing for Ranbir Kapoor.


  1. What kind of music attracts you the most?

All genres of music appeal me, especially with deep meaningful poetry and soulful melody.


  1. Your idol?

A lot of people inspire me.. To name them majorly : Mohammed Rafi , Kishore Da, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson & it goes on…


  1. What’s next?

After my recently released movie ‘Penalty’, several film and non-film projects are coming up. A Punjabi Single of mine is also releasing soon.


Aaman Trikha’s latest songs include Zinda from Bharat, Namo Namo from PM Narendra Modi and Mann Ki Ba Tu Hi Jaane from Penalty.

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