Posted on July 2, 2019 at 8:55 am

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Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Manekshaw’s Look Trolled On Social Media

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On the death anniversary of late Field Marshall, Sam Manekshaw, Vicky Kaushal shared his look dressed as the Marshall. With that, he announced that he would be playing the man in an upcoming film based on his life.


Vicky Kaushal- Sam Manekshaw
Vicky Kaushal- Sam Manekshaw


Unfortunately, the uniform Vicky Kaushal had on in the first look got the details regarding the rank completely wrong. Due to this Vicky was trolled for the same on social media.


On hearing about this, Meghna Gulzar – the film’s director exclaimed that he was not consulted over the picture.


The industry’s spokesperson Ashoke Pandit gives Meghna Gulzar a clean chit by saying,

“She is an extremely responsible and accomplished filmmaker. Her films Talvar and Raazi prove her to be much more than a frivolous entertainer. If she has taken on the task of putting Field Marshall’s Manekshaw’s story on the screen, she would make sure she has all the research in place and she would most definitely consult the army experts on the uniform, etc.”


Ashoke Pandit also says that actors must be cautious while they are playing real life characters and keep every minute detail in mind. He further adds,

“Specially, when you’re playing someone of the stature of Field Marshall Manekshaw or Mother Teresa. You can’t afford to go wrong on any detail. I am sure Vicky was only trying to tell the world he’s playing Manekshaw. But, even an announcement of this import must be made with befitting solemnity and accuracy. Copying the moustache and the posture from an old picture are not enough.”

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