Posted on July 30, 2019 at 7:50 am

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Shabana Azmi Gives A Nod To Faraz Arif Ansari’s Sheer Qorma

Shabana Azmi always does different and unique films. The actress is all set to play the role of Divya Dutta’s mother in her next.

Shabana Azmi's next
Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi who supports LGBTQ rights is on board for Faraz Arif Ansari’s Sheer Qorma.


Sheer Qorma is a story about the issues and the struggles the LGBTQ community faces to get love and acceptance.


Swara Bhasker will play the role of Divya Dutta’s lover. On getting Shabana Azmi’s nod to the film, director Faraz expressed his joy. He says that she was in the top three on the list of the actors he wants to work with.


On talking about the film, the veteran actress says the script was recommended to her by Divya and she was moved when she read it.


Faraz went on to call Shabana Ji’s character the mother we all deserve and Mother India of the 21st century. The first workshop of the movie was last week and the cast is excited to bring this topic onscreen to everyone.


Speaking about having Divya in the film, director Faraz Ansari said,

“Divya and Swara are strong allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. It was an easy decision to approach them. In fact, when I started writing the film, I had Divya in my mind, and already saw her playing this role. The day I finished the script, I put up a status on Instagram saying I need someone to play the role, and Divya was actually the first person to call me. It was kind of bizarre that both of them were thinking on the same lines. Without even reading the script, she said she wanted to do the film.”

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