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Kamya Panjabi Plays Single Mother In Theatre Debut Play Pajama Party

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Kamya Panjabi Plays Single Mother In Theatre Debut Play Pajama Party

Actress Kamya Panjabi and Actress Kavita Kaushik will star in a Hinglish play with a message on women empowerment and a strong message of crime against women. The play says “it’s a play for all women. It’s a play for all men.”

Kamya Panjabi began her career playing in TV serials and also know for the big boss. Now she is all set to play the character of a single mother in her theatre debut. Play Pajama Party directed by Atul Satya Koushik will be launch on 18th May & 19th May in Mumbai.

The play is about Darsha, Aisha, Kalyani, and Urvi are four friends from Mumbai and each of them is standing at a crucial juncture of her life looking forward to something great in times to come. They gather for a Pajama Party at Aisha’s place who lives there with her boyfriend Abhay. The night progresses with music, fun, jokes, and food but what happens post that changes their lives forever. But instead of succumbing to it they decide to stand against it and find a maverick way to deal with this sudden change in their lives.

Actress Kamya Panjabi says, “I feel so lucky to have gotten a chance to portray a role like this. Violence against women isn’t cultural, its criminal. Equality cannot come eventually. It’s something we must fight for now is the message I am coming with a debut in the play. When I heard the script, I thought to come with a strong message for all of us. It’s a mix emotion looking forward to all of your support.”

Kamya adds, “Darsha, my character is a single mother who is confident, vocal, unabashed and bold in her choices. She is a strong headed woman who doesn’t believe holding herself back in anything. Whatever she does, she goes all guns blazing. She is the one who makes the gang laugh but when the need arises, she makes them all get up and do what needs to be done to set things right. I love my character in the play.”

The play is a quintessential “Atul Satya Koushik” production with a stellar star cast, enviable sets, and production values, original music and unabashed original content. This play is a joint production of The Films and Theatre Society and co-producer is Ishan Yadav and Aditi Chauhan. Kamya Panjabi, Kavita Kaushik, Shakti Singh, Deepali Garg, Sunil Kumar Palwal, Bhanu Pratap Singh Rana, Kalyan Choudhury, and Arjun Singh is the cast for the play.

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