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UA Exclusive| Zakir Khan On Comicstaan 2: Sabke ghar me roti hai thanks to comedy

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The first season of Comicstaan introduced a new format to the audience, with judges mentoring the comedians (contestants) and also judging them.

Comicstaan 2
Comicstaan 2


Comicstaan is coming with its second season which sees three new judges and ten fresh contestants. The show will go on air soon.

Urban Asian got a chance to speak to Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian and Kaneez Surka as they opened up about Comisctaan 2.

When asked about the Comicstaan season one and how the second season would be different from the first one Kaneez Surka said,

“The first season was really fun, we had a great time shooting for the show, it was a new concept. We didn’t know how audience would take it, but luckily they accepted the show. The best part was that the show focused on comedy and not on drama.”

Zakir Khan added,

“Yes the show is about comedy, there is no drama, there is no mujhe tere ghar mei roti chahiye happening over here, sabke ghar me roti hai thanks to comedy.”


Kenny Sebastian went on to say,

“The show reached a big audience but personally I couldn’t do that. The biggest compliment I got was that Kanan and I were doing a show and we walked into a venue, two guys came out and said look look Comicsstaan judges.”


When asked about how different it is being a mentor than a standup comedian,


Zakir said,

“Ofcourse it is different, it is less of responsibility and more of pressure. I mean we want to give them right advice but at the same time keep in mind that we don’t hurt their confidence.”


When asked to Zakir, what was his reaction watching it from outside he said,

“Mein toh chahta tha ki bigde, kyuki mein toh than ahi usme, not that Comicstaan did well it was about the pictures of these guys shooting, I was like season two kab hoga I am on for it, no money needed. Because we all live very close to each other but have no time to meet, I know bahut celebrity statement ho rha h yeh,but thats what it is.”


When asked about the concept of the show,


Kaneez said,

“When we are mentoring, we get so protective about the contestants, that we are like don’t you dare say anything about him.”

Zakir adds,

“Yea as judges we see the final product but the person who is the mentor has seen the journey of the development.”


When asked about if they were surprised by the contestants,


Kaneez said,

“Yes they were so good, they took in so much information in such a short interval of time, like what took me 1 year to learn they learned it in 1 week and that was so commendable about learning the skills.”

Kenny adds,

“It is with everyone, like when you see someone perform you feel like God I have so much more to learn. Throughout season two, there were so many moments where I was like what, why did I not think it that way.”


When asked about the selection process,


Kenny said,

“It’s interesting that you mentioned it, there would be moments when three of us among the nine judges would not agree on certain contestants selection but we would understand what the others are seeing in him/her and then go ahead with it. Like there are three female judges and we might not relate to something but they would make us understand the aspect and we would then get it.”

Zakir adds,

“Being nine judges and three being females helped us select a variety of contestants.”

Kaneez adds,

“We all come from such different space which also made the selection process so diverse.”


When asked about dealing with the sensitive issues,


Zakir says,

“It was more about learning the craft first rather than censoring the things out.”


When asked about fond memories from the sets,


Kaneeza said,

“Having two more female judges and clicking pics in the vanity before the shoot.”

Zakir adds,

“Getting ready for the shoot, getting the hair and makeup done every day and feeling that yea I know the game man.”


When asked about having people from different regions,


Zakir said,

“Yes ofcourse alag alag jagah se aaenge toh aur better hoga, ham aise nahi kar sakte kin nahi sirf English aaenge ya nahi nahi sirf Hindi ke aaenge, fir toh sara maza hi khatam ho jaega.”


Comicstaan season 2 will be out soon on Amazon prime and it will be interesting to see how the second season pans out.

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