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Soumita Pays Tribute To Tagore On His 158th Birth Anniversary

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Soumita Pays Tribute To Tagore On His 158th Birth Anniversary

With the mercury rising across the country, nothing else soothes one’s heart better than music. Good music and Tagore are terms if not synonymous are pretty close indeed. Keeping this in mind, singer Soumita Saha has come up with two beautiful songs which are a part of The Aatman Audio’s Robi Porjay project. The young singer has endeavored to recreate the magic on the wavelengths of millennials. The works of Rabindranath Tagore have been sung by various artists across generations spanning over almost a hundred years. Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Whatever fate may be in store in the judgment of the future for my poetry, stories, and plays, I am sure that the Bengali race will always accept my songs. They will sing my songs in every Bengali home, in fields, and near the rivers… I feel as if music wells up from within some unconscious depth of my mind, that’s why it has certain completeness.”

Robi Porjay itself is an Ode to Tagore project run by The Aatman Audio. Soumita has come up with two beautiful songs namely ‘Jhoro Borishey Baari Dhara’ and ‘Himero Raate Oi Gogoner Dweep guli’. Soumita has been under the radar of print and electronic media ever since her childhood days. She has won the hearts of millions by her performance in popular Musical Shows. Her International debut in the EDM industry gave her success as her song ‘Ishq’ became a mega-hit overnight. Ishq was released in many countries including the United States, Russia, and India and was widely appreciated by media and music lovers alike.

After, the success of Ishq the songbird bagged a few Tollywood projects, but her love for Tagore numbers remains unmatched. Speaking about the songs the young singer mentioned the similarity between Tagore’s work and Classical music. The similarity is that both praise the beauty of Nature and the seasons. Both the songs attempt to thank Nature for the sweetness bestowed upon human beings.

“Jhoro Jhoro Borishey Baari dhara is a song that sings the praise of monsoon. The song is based on raaga Miya ki Malhar and I have always nurtured a bit of inclination towards Malhar. Similarly, raaga Khambaaj is also one of the most loved raaga the soothing nature of raaga fascinates me up to the rim. Himero Raate is basically a late autumn tribute based on raaga khambaaj. The rest remains on my audience.”

adds the Ishq girl.

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