Posted on June 19, 2019 at 6:51 am

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Happy Birthday Garfield: Too Lazy To Be Lazy

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Yayy! It’s time to celebrate as it is Garfield’s birthday. The world’s most lovable and lazy cat, Garfield celebrates his birthday today but don’t expect him to say thank you or do anything today.


Garfield is a comic created by Jim Davis. He was born on 19th June in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni’s restaurant. This Italian cat was not only seen in comic books but also in movies, birthday themes, cartoons and many more.


Today as Garfield celebrates his 41st birthday, we at UrbanAsian would like to list down 5 reasons on why we love this lazy cat soo much.


  1. Hates Monday Mornings:

So like all of us, Garfield also hates Monday mornings. Just like Garfield we wish that Monday never comes.


  1. Too lazy to do anything:

All that Garfield loves is sleep and relax the entire day. Well, who doesn’t right? He doesn’t like to do any work be it even just wandering around.


  1. Too perfect:

This Italian cat believes that he is just perfect. He never lets anyone put him down, he knows he is gorgeous and makes sure everyone sees it too. He is just too confident about himself. Well, I wish we all were too.


  1. Loves Coffee and Lasagna:

He is never over with coffee and lasagna. He loves to drink lots and lots of coffee. Now, who wouldn’t love to have a cat who loves coffee and shares a cup with you. I mean he is the perfect coffee date you can get.


Coming back to lasagna, this cat never shares that. He has basically tried every type of lasagna and never gets tired of eating it.


  1. A big NO to diets and exercise:

Diet? What is that? This is exactly what Garfield feels about dieting. He believes in eating how much ever you want to.


Exercise? Duh-uh no…. If you hate exercising and going to the gym, then don’t worry you got a company. As we call him lazy he is so because he hates running around.


Well, whoever you are we love you Garfield and you are the best pet cat anyone can have. Thank you, Jim Davis, for introducing us to Garfield.


Happy Birthday you lazy but adorable cat!

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