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Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti Invitation To Immerse Yourself In Trikala

Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti Invitation To Immerse Yourself In Trikala

Created and recorded over three years, in three locations (East Lothian in Scotland, and Chennai and Kolkata in India), Simon Thacker’s third release creating new sound worlds through his immersion in Indian classical, folk and spiritual traditions is the epic double album Trikala (the Sanskrit word for the three tenses of time, past, present and future).

Trikala sees Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti metamorphose into a community of different lineups (thirteen performers in all) which each take inspiration from four different aspects of the vast musical macrocosm that exists on the Indian subcontinent: Hindustani classical (north), Carnatic classical (south), Punjabi folk (west) and the Bengali mystical folk Baul tradition of both India and Bangladesh (east). There is also a major solo work with a tangential Tamil inspiration, one of Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore’s best-loved melodies reimagined and a moving transformation of India’s “National Song”.

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Unity comes from Thacker, as the single compositional voice that has either created or recreated all of the work on both albums, and the symbiotic relationship between the performers who, whether in the most breathtakingly intricate composition or ferocious and intuitive improvisation, search for truth and essence selflessly together. Ancient forms are refracted in the present to propel them forward to the future, traveling beyond East and West to genuinely create a third direction genuinely of itself. Trikala offers a window into the evolving soul of traditions and the world of one of today’s most expansive music creators. Traversing over 2 hours and 18 minutes of some of the most advanced intercultural music ever recorded, Trikala is a work of rapturous forward momentum and a pivotal moment in the history of Indo-Western collaboration.

Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti invites you to immerse yourself in the three tenses of Trikala.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Gem Arts and The Hope Scott Trust

Full tracklist (all music written or reimagined by Simon Thacker):

1. Panchajanya

2. Ajj Koi Saade Vehre Aaya (trad. Punjabi)

3. The Fire of Intention

4. Chan Kithan Guzari Ayee Raat Ve (trad. Punjabi)

5. Vande Mataram (J. Bhattacharya )

6. MaNN Vāsanai

7. Tappe (Tuttey dil da ilaaj nahi) (trad. Punjabi)

Beyond Mara:

8. I

9. II

10. Nirjanavana


1. Hari Din To Gelo (trad. Baul)

2. Helay Helay Din Boye Jay (Lalon)

3. Tomra Kunjo Sajao Go (S. A. Karim)

4. Bhromor Koio Giya (R. Dutta)

5. Keno Dubli Na Mon (Lalon)

6. Dhonyo Dhonyo Boli Tare (Lalon)

7. Menoka Mathay Dilo Ghomta (trad. Baul)

8. Prabhava

9. Ekla Chalo Re (R. Tagore)

10. Pakhi Kokhon Jani Ure Jay (Lalon)

11. Dil Doriyar Majhe (Lalon)

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