Posted on May 9, 2019 at 7:47 pm

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Raja gives you Let’s Get To It Remix ” ft Raxstar out now!

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Raja gives you Let’s Get To It Remix ” ft Raxstar out now!

It’s SUMMER and what does that mean more music! Yes! Well, more music to hit your playlist well here is one that you got to add on to! Raja previously released an uptempo urban track titled “Let’s Get To It” off of his Rebirth album back in Nov 2018. The Butter Chicken Podcast Host DJ Sharad teamed up to bring the official “Urban Desi” Remix featuring UK’s own Raxstar. Check out the track below and add it to your playlist today! 

Raja’s music style infuses influences of Indian instruments mixed with modern day Pop and Hip-Hop sounds. Separating him from the rest of the singers or rappers in the industry is his robust Urban Desi Culture. Discovering his passion at seven the tender age, Raja began playing the tabla drums. An instrument native to his culture, the Tabla Drums require the complex and extensive use of the fingers and palms; creating a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms. Elements noticed in his unique sound today.

Growing up in Queens, NY music like Bollywood, Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B surrounded and influenced his ear to the versatility in music. ‘Despite being the most commonly studied and diagnosed’ ADD and ADHD disability, Raja struggled in school. In his household education was a priority: while his sibling excelled Raja had poor school performance resulting in him feeling like an “outsider.” ADD, and ADHD management proved difficult even in high school with his intermittent class cutting and random expelling. He later finished his academic courses at a military school. Although it causes impairment, particularly in modern society, many children with ADHD have a good attention span for tasks they find interesting and for Raja that is music.

Well we can’t wait to see what’s more in store for Raja this year! Be sure to check him out here! 

Download and stream Let’s Get To It (Remix) ft. Raxstar.

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