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UA Exclusive | Mohit Chauhan & Vishal Mishra Speak About Their Journey Of Safar

Mohit Chauhan, who has driven the audiences crazy with his soothing voice with songs like Tumse Hi, Hafiz Hafiz, Tujhe Bhula Diya, Sadda Haq, Tum Ho and many more have once again wowed the audience with his latest track from Notebook – Safar, which is composed by Vishal Mishra, who is famous for his music in Race 3, Veere Di Wedding and many more.


Mohit Chauhan-Vishal Mishra
Mohit Chauhan-Vishal Mishra

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview the versatile singer Mohit Chauhan and the talented music composer Vishal Mishra, who spoke about the 1st chapter of their journey through Safar.


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  1. How was it working together for Notebook?


Mohit Chauhan: It was really an exciting experience for me. I have been singing for films for 20 years, it is a long time and this was the first time I got to work with Vishal Mishra. He had called me and sent me the rough scratch of the song, after listening to that I loved the tune and hoped that I could do justice to the song. I admire Vishal for making these kinds of songs, these kinds of melodies. The best thing was that we both haven’t learned about music. I loved working with him.


Vishal Mishra: It has been beautiful. I always say that this is just the first chapter of my journey with Mohit. I find a lot of me in him and I connect very well with him. I feel what he feels. Music is all about mutual understanding. I have made this song with this intention and Mohit has taken and understood it also in that intention. That is why music directors are mostly lonely. Mohit is someone that I made a song and he held it from the intention that I made it from, that is the most satisfying thing for a music director and I have even told him that he has the best voice that I have ever heard. Be it a party song or anything whatever song he sings it gives us a pleasant environment.



  1. Do you imagine the situation of the song while singing or it just comes out so beautifully?


Mohit Chauhan: There is a natural tendency that when you hear a tune you get a feeling from it. But in films mostly the music director or the director they give the singer an idea of the situation, so there is a mixture of two imaginations, one what we imagine and the other that the director explains. Basically, you feel the song. That is what happens to me. I close my eyes and start feeling the song. Because I feel that songs and music are what you feel. And sometimes when you hear a song for the first time you get attached to it but sometimes it is like you have to sing it for the sake of work.


  1. Did you feel any pressure while making ‘Bumro Bumro’?


Vishal Mishra: No, I didn’t feel any pressure. It is actually a good song. Our Bumro is very new and different. I have kept saying this and now I have stopped saying this that it is not a recreation. Bumro is a Kashmiri folk. Mission Kashmir has also taken the word Bumro and made a song. We have also taken the essence of Bumro and made this song. We wanted a song that a 6-year-old should also enjoy and so should a 60-year-old man. And we wanted to convey and joyfulness and freshness through this song. I even bought a Kashmiri rhythm to it. Bhai (Salman Khan) gave us an idea of adding Kashmiri lyrics in front of Bumro Bumro.


  1. What kind of music attracts you the most?


Mohit Chauhan: Feeling should be conveyed. Be it a high pitch song or a rock song, every song has a feeling and if that song expresses that feeling that that song touches your heart. So basically any song that has a feeling, a melody be it any kind of song it should touch the audience’s heart.


  1. You have been working with Salman Khan Films’ for the second time. How was it working with him and are you proud of yourself?


Vishal Mishra: I don’t think about professional things when I am with Salman Khan. I am lucky that he guides me and loves me. His experience is way more than my age. Whenever I tell that I am tired, I haven’t slept well for 9 months but then when I look at him, he is such a big star but still works non-stop. That energy is very infectious. It’s been four years since I know him and I feel blessed to be guided by the best one from the industry. He gives you the independence to do whatever you want to. He is very supportive. He loves Safar.


  1. When you hear lyrics and you don’t like them, then how do you handle the situation?


Mohit Chauhan: I had been offered double meaning songs, I say directly no for it. I tell them I cannot sing this song but you can ask someone else to. But if it is a film song, I don’t interfere with the lyrics. Because the director and music director must have thought something and then written the lyrics, so at that time I don’t interfere. I do what I am supposed to do.


  1. You were a contestant in a DD show, how do you feel on being such a big person?


Vishal Mishra: I never thought I would be here. I thought I would be still in Gurgaon sitting in front of my laptop, filing some legal notices to people. So this is all a dream for me. My struggle also feels like a dream for me. It’s all been beautiful. I had gone for the show just to be seen on camera. But luckily I won. It’s been beautiful all in all and I feel blessed for it.


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