Posted on March 18, 2019 at 11:15 am

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Lighthearted Traditions That Are The Mainstay Of Many Indian Weddings

Made In Heaven, Amazon Prime Video’s new original series, promises a sneak peek at what transpires behind-the-scenes in Big Fat Indian Weddings! Prime Original Series Made in Heaven revolves around the lives of two wedding planners, Tara and Karan, whose lives intersect against the backdrop of big-fat-Indian weddings, uncovering not only their personal turmoil but also the deep-rooted social nuances and prejudices still etched in Indian society.

Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven

While the series arriving this March, promises to be a thought-provoking treat, with the backdrop of the ongoing wedding season in India, we take a quick look at a few lighthearted traditions that are the mainstay of many Indian weddings!


  1. Celebrated across Gujarat, Ponkhana is a ritual where the mother-in-law playfully pulls the groom’s nose signifying that he should always be kind and compassionate to his new life-partner.


  1. Performed by the female relatives from the bride’s side, the art of hiding the groom’s footwear for monetary gains is one of a kind, and remains extremely popular and the high-point in almost all Hindu weddings.


  1. Next on our list is the hunt for the ring, where the bride and the groom dip their hands in a bowl full of milk and rose petals, to find the elusive ring. The one to find it four times is expected to wear the pants in the family.


  1. A beautiful ritual, ‘Arshi Mushaf’ is a prominent part of Muslim weddings where the bride and groom look into a mirror to take their first glimpse of each other as life-partners.


  1. A long-loved tradition, a Christian bride after her wedding, takes her bouquet and flings it over at all the single ladies present, the one to catch it increases her chance of getting hitched in the near future.



For decades, these rich traditions and rituals have been an intrinsic part of Indian history. The series premiered on March 8 exclusively on Prime Video. If you haven’t watched it yet please do watch it RN!

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