Posted on March 7, 2019 at 9:53 am

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Captain Marvel Is Marvel-ous

If you’re wondering whether Captain Marvel is the Wonder Women of MCU then let me put it out that it is like comparing Tony Stark’s wealth to Bruce Wayne’s or Thor’s Godliness to Superman’s Superman-ness. In short, it’s futile to compare them as their sole purpose is to entertain us in their own way.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is not just a movie but it’s a celebration of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.


If you ever wondered how would it have felt to watch Star Wars in the ’70s or were too small to follow the fandom behind Harry Potter, Marvel’s 10 years movies make sure you’re part of the epic journey from  Iron Man to Marvel’s next gem Avengers: End Game.


Captain Marvel is the story of a woman who has no memory about her past on the planet Hala and C-53 (earth). She finds more about herself as she makes new friends and foes on both the planets. This is the most we can talk about the movie without giving away any spoilers.


Brie Larson who plays Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is fabulous, funny, flamboyant and fierce when needed. As we know from the trailer that Nick Fury who is the mainstay in MCU played by Samuel L Jackson plays lead alongside Brie Larson. The crowned jewel of Captain Marvel is his scenes with Captain Marvel and also with certain not-to-be-mentioned-for-your-own-good-living-creature.


The world of Captain Marvel is set in outer space and also on earth which is coined as C-53 by Kree (alien community) in the 90s and director duo of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck mocks the 90s with use of pager, use of AltaVista as a search engine and one particular scene is very nostalgic for people who have used computers in 90s. Anna & Ryan have made this movie in such a way that even someone who has not followed the previous films of MCU will enjoy it.


The only drawback is the scene where Captain Marvel destroys everybody as easily as Thanos destroys the universe with help of infinity stones.


Captain Marvel is out of this world.


We give Captain Marvel 4 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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