Posted on March 22, 2019 at 6:41 am

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5 Gritty Dialogues From Amazon Prime Video’s Original Series Hanna That Are Mind Blowing

Amazon Prime Video’s Prime Original Series, HANNA will definitely, leave you high-spirited and keep wanting for some fanatical action. Inspired by the 2011 film starring Saoirse Ronan, the series follows Hanna, a young teenage girl who lives with her ex-mercenary father, Erik Heller.


She is a young girl who learns survival skills, including how to chase and execute, and furthermore, who is trained to become an assassin. Trapped in the heart of a dark conspiracy, she goes on a risky voyage alone across Europe as she tries to rejoin with her father.


While the story-line is very fascinating and instinctive, we have listed down five dialogues from the trailer that will make you go awe of the enigmatic girl Hanna and the series:


  1. Hanna’s father, Erik Heller ‘’I have to find her before she finds us’’

  1. Sophie: I want you to trust me | Hanna: I can’t trust anyone

  1. Father: I want to give you a normal life | Hanna: But I am not normal. Am I?

  1. Boy: Where did you grow up? | Hanna: Why? Do you think I am weird? | Boy: I think you are wonderful

  1. Where’s Hanna? Do you know how dangerous she is?

With ‘HANNA’, Amazon Prime Video’s Prime Original Series Is set to bring amazing action drama for its audience. ‘Hanna’ is a huge women-centric action-packed thriller that will surely make you binge-watch the series all weekend.


Check out the trailer here:


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