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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rahul Sathu and His Passion For Music

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Rahul Sathu Shares His Endless Passion For Music

Rahul Sathu Shares His Endless Passion For Music

Musician Rahul Sathu is more than just his music and endless talent. Born in a musical family, Rahul found his passion in singing and musical production. He is an Audio Production and Engineering graduate from prestigious MetalWorks Institute of Sound and Engineering, Canada. Rahul has shared stages with many celebrity singers like Sadhana Sargam, Mika Singh, Kavitha Krishna Murthy, Sukwinder Singh and many more.

In 2015, He was also a part of a singing reality show by Astro called International SuperStar. Besides his angelic voice, talented musical fingers and charmingly good looks. We wanted to know more about this amazing artist and fortunately enough, he was able to share his journey with us! Here is what Rahul Sathu shared about his musical journey.

Music producer, singer and also an audio engineer. Talk about a triple thread! At what age did you find your endless passion of music? What encouraged the love for music?

Haha, Well, I was born into family of musicians. My Dad is Professional Musician who worked in the industry in the 90s. I was always surrounded with music but I got serious during my high school. Really not sure what sparked the seriousness but it just happened that I started performing in local concerts in Toronto, and rest is history.

You have produced numerous songs, especially within the Bollywood industry, what would you say you enjoy the most about producing music?

Producing music is enjoyable when you are working with like-minded people. It’s always hard to put your own different sound and convince everyone to the same idea. Not everyone is gonna like the same idea. The challenging part and the experimentation part of it is what I enjoy the most.

What motivates your song writing abilities? Where do you find your inspiration regarding the lyrics?

Honestly, It just comes to me when I’m calm and just jamming on my guitar. Inspiration for my lyrics comes from my own experiences in life and of course the kind of my music I listen to.

How would you describe your sound and style of music?

My true style of music is R&B, Trap/Hiphop and Tropical. It comes from Canadian Artists like The Weeknd and Drake that i often get influenced by but when it comes to producing for others, I tend to fuse my western sounds with Indian Bollywood sounds, which makes me stand out as a music producer.

One of the latest tracks you’ve worked on is Love You Jatta with Garry Sandhu. What did you enjoy most about working on that song?

I just love working with Artists like Garry Sandhu. He is extremely humble, and super talented. Me and Garry were chilling at my house and we came up with this song. It was wrapped up within a day. I just loved everything about it.

Being in the music industry, what are some of the challenges you have faced?

Constant evolution of music is something you gotta watch which you are in Music industry. You can either be a leader and bring in new sound to the industry or you can follow whats trending. In case you forget to upgrade your sound and evolve then you’ll soon end up with no work. So the constant evolution is something very challenging in the industry.

What would you change about the music industry and why?

I would wanna change lot of things about the industry like contracts, royalties, also lack of freedom to have your own sound. People who don’t make music are currently running the show in Bollywood where they even dictate how the song should be to make it a hit. By doing so, lot of creativity and experimentation is being killed. Nothing new is coming out. Labels just wanna make money at the end of the day, that’s why there are so many remakes that comes out every year now. There are few people still trying to bring that change regardless of how bad the situation is right now. Great example are the tracks of Gully Boy.

Do you have any musical role models? How has your role model/s encouraged your love for music?

AR Rahman has been a my early influences, I have studied in AR Rahman’s music college at one point too. I just love how he evolves with the music and time. He wants tries to experiment and bring something new and yet maintain the commercial appeal.

Rahul Sathu and AR Rahman

Which artist would you love to work with in the future and why?

I would really wanna work with The Weeknd. Mainly because most of my sounds are influenced by his sound and also lot of my producer friends work with him. I had a chance to meet him couple of times and also his main producer Doc McKinney, so I’m hoping i’ll soon get to work with them as well.

Being in a western society, why do you think it is important to keep the culture alive in the music industry?

It’s very important to not forget your roots. This is what i love the most about being musician, it brings us all together!

How do you use your platform as an artist to inspire other talented individuals? What do you hope to encourage others to do?

I think i prove that it is not impossible to merge from being a local Canadian artist to working with lot of big people in Bollywood. I was just a dreamer singing in local concerts and now I’m here in Bollywood, living my dream. I’m sure people will be inspired by my journey and try to be more fearless when they pick their passion as their career.

What piece of advice would you give to struggling artists trying to find their voice in the industry?

Do You! Don’t compare yourself with anyone else in the industry. Everyone has their own path, so try to find your own path and sound. Try something different yet try to be appealing to larger audience. You are gonna need lot more than just talent but at the end of the day talent is whats gonna matter. Keep Learning, Keep Grinding!

Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to share with our readers?

I got lot of projects in the pipelines. My first single as a singer is releasing soon featuring one of my favourite Bollywood rappers- Raftaar and I remade the 90s hit track Oh Oh Jaane Jaana, which would be coming out soon in the movie Time to Dance.

Furthermore, Rahul being the humble soul that he is cannot live without music, family and traveling. It is clear that Rahul loves experiencing new things and merging the best of both worlds. With his current top 3 favourite songs being: Goriye- Gully Boy, Jagga Jiteya- URI, FunkPav Dharia and Yosemite- Travis Scott. Rahul lives life to the fullest as a Rockstar, which happens to be his favorite movie! Rahul left us with a quote that he lives by:

“Breathe, Dream, Conquer!”

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