Posted on January 21, 2019 at 12:15 pm

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SIESONS 2019 Was A Night Of Music And Celebration

SIESONS 2019, the intercolligate festival of SIES college, Nerul, was hosted on a large scale of sheer extravagance on January 18 & 19. The theme for this year was ‘Era of Discoveries’. The theme showcased how everybody involved in the fest discover their inner hidden talents.

Farhan Akhtar at SIESONS
Farhan Akhtar at SIESONS

Said principal Milind Vaidya,

“The students have worked for this event for 5 months, and it’s their sheer talent and hard work that has lead to this event’s success”

The festival also served as a platform for students to showcase their talent. Events such as singing, Paint ball fight, dance, fashion show and more were organized.

Dancer/actress Mohena Singh and actor Harshvardhan Rane were part of the festival.

The highlight of the fest un-doubt-ly was the mesmerizing concert featuring actor, director, singer, producer Farhan Akhtar. This was the first time the actor and his team were part of the college fest.

The versatile singer lit up the entire event with a dazzling performance. The college was jam packed with music lovers who thoroughly enjoyed themselves grooving to the beats of the song.

Said Rohan Harkara, General Secretary,

“Our efforts for organizing this event has definitely paid off, and we are delighted by the response that we got from the visitors”.

The event ended on a high note only to keep the people waiting for the magic that would enfold in the years to come.

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