Posted on January 17, 2019 at 11:47 am

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False Complaint Against Krishan Kumar & Bhushan Kumar Withdrawn

Krishan Kumar filed a complaint against the said lady at Amboli police station. The lady for quite a while was threatening Krishan Kumar to extort money from him. After several calls and ignoring them initially, Krishan Kumar had to go ahead and file a complaint against her.


The lady threatened him that if she didn’t get the asked money, she will file a false complaint of sexual assault against him and also drag his nephew Bhushan Kumar in it and she did so on the afternoon of 16th Jan. However, the same evening and as informed by the Oshiwara police station, the lady has withdrawn the false complaint against both of them.


In the statement, she accepts the fact that the allegations are false and were made to extract money from them. She has requested Krishan Kumar to withdraw his complaint as well.

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